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  1. I have a Uniti Atom paired with a pair of Heresy IIIs and I think they are a great match. I am also using a Uniti Nova with my Volti Rivals in my "big" room and that pairing is even more stunning. A better fit than the Luxman MQ-88uSE tube amp I was using with them. The Rivals are pretty much like Forte IIIs on steroids.
  2. I may have a little wiggle room on the price for a local pickup but sorry, I can't separate them (unless you know someone else looking for a single LS II!) Thanks!
  3. Thanks Pat... I did actually fall into an opportunity to replace the LS IIs a few weeks ago, and they are now listed for sale. I downsized quite a bit in both my office system and my home theater - now using my Heresy IIIs for fronts in the home theater and my old RP-450C on the floor for a center channel (on a stand). I would mention the speakers that replaced the LS IIs but I think they would get a mixed reception around these parts. Suffice it to say I am both extremely happy with the new speakers and very sad to see the LS IIs go. But also very glad that I could repurpose my Heresy IIIs which were not getting much use.
  4. I am selling my La Scala IIs which were purchased from a local dealer in 2018. They are walnut, 1 owner, less than 2 years old. Tweeters were replaced under factory warranty in August of 2018. They look and sound amazing. This walnut version has slight cosmetic issues, with scratches top on one speaker due to a DVD player being dragged across it, and some laminate chipping on edges and corners of both speakers. Cosmetic issues are barely noticeable unless standing right in front of the speakers. Selling for $3500 for local pickup only in Salem, VA.
  5. Good point, though it would void my warranty if I did any mods - I've already had to replace both tweeters at one point under warranty due to a burst of digital noise. But still, that's a big argument financially for exploring mods to take the LS II more in the direction of the AL5s (assuming I find them to be an improvement once I hear them). My local Heritage dealer has the same LS IIs that replaced the ones I bought from them 2 years ago, so I may have to do some traveling to hear the AL5s. Or they may be at Capital Audiofest this weekend?
  6. Yeah I'm totally convinced that Jubilees are amazing sounding speakers, I learned a lot about them on this thread. And it makes sense that they would dominate the conversation when someone comes in and says "Hey, what does Klipsch make that's better than the La Scalas?"
  7. Yeah I want to hear the AL5s before I pull the trigger. I'm assuming a lot, but something tells me if I really love the LS II sound and if the AL5 can do all of that with a bit more refinement with the new model, I'm probably going to be happiest "staying in the family." Has nothing to do with looks, I made one comment in my original post about the "industrial" look of them, then an addition 10-12 comments about my concerns with going active and working with crossovers and bi-amping and all that stuff. I feel like my journey of exploring that route (and then comparing it with the sacrifices it would require of my current system, which I have built over considerable time and expense), and just deciding that wasn't the route I wanted to go, is pretty well documented in the pages of this thread. Hopefully that's not offensive in any way to current Jubilee owners,, but I'm just traveling down a different path here. Klipsch is my favorite brand of speakers, I own 3 pairs of them. Came here assuming this was the "Klipsch" community and not the "Jubilee" community, so again, no offense to anyone here if in some way it seems MY preference isn't exactly in alignment with yours. As far as budget and expense, I am well aware of what all lines of the current Klipsch Heritage models cost, and also how much a Jubilee system with a Xilica crossover would cost. Didn't come here to talk budget or price, just exploring all my options. As I mentioned, you guys have been great in steering me in the right direction.
  8. Thanks for all the advice and feedback here guys.. it has been a very educational experience! And I can say it has guided me to making the decision on my next speaker upgrade in 2020. After listening to Tom Petty's Mojo this evening it confirms it - the upgrade from my La Scala IIs will be: The La Scala AL5 My LS IIs are just so amazing and everything I want when it comes to dynamics, detail, scale and nuance. Really the only reasonable thing I can think that may be that "5% better" is the AL5, only this time in matte black instead of walnut. Thanks again and I do have to hear some Jubilees. I don't think they're the right speaker for me but I am sure they are amazing.
  9. Well this is the final area of resistance for me actually and why I'd really need to hear this system to see how much of a difference the "speakers" make versus how married I am to the sound and investment of my digital front end. I've been told "you won't hear a difference" but I have to believe there's a trade-off. Between my Chord stack and Innuos server I have more money invested than my preamp and amp combined, and only slightly less than if you added the La Scalas themselves in with the amp & pre. I get many people will say "a DAC is a DAC" but the digital side of my system is contributing a huge amount to the sound - especially when paired with such highly resolving speakers like the LS IIs. So the trade-off is toss all that aside and end up with an additional A/D/A conversion through a utilitarian DAC in something like the Xilica, then do the Jubes' incredible sound restore/make up for it or at the end of the day is it all a wash. I definitely would need to hear the Jubilees to make that judgement call.
  10. HA! I didn't mean people who did that were idiots, just that in my way of thinking I was an idiot for not realizing I could just use the L/R outputs of the tube amp to power the HF instead of vertical biamping as you say... yes it would make more sense for me to use the existing amps I own in that configuration versus buying another Luxman tube amp to power the other half of the system. I'm going to circle back to this idea after the holidays - hadn't planned on buying anything for the remainder of the year but at least I know a lot more now and the idea of using my own existing amps is definitely do-able. Don't be surprised if I hit you up on a road trip to Knoxville from Salem VA at some point after the first of the year. Thanks again to everyone for all your help and advice.
  11. Well now that you put it that way a lightbulb has gone off. For some reason I was thinking I'd use the L/R from one amp to power one side of the speakers (ie top and bass bin of left side) and L/R output from an identical amp to power the other side of the speakers, which is totally idiotic... I'd actually be using the L channel from the Luxman valve amp (20 wpc at 8 ohms which should be plenty) to the left 402, then the R channel to the right 402, THEN a separate amp to power the bass bins in the same way. I have no idea why this didn't occur to me sooner. So using a different amp like my solid state vintage Luxman M2000 (150 wpc) to power the bass bins would be totally fine then and I'd keep the Luxman MQ88uSE for the tops. I'd use my Backert Labs valve preamp with 2 separate outputs to go from my source to the L/R of the Luxman MQ88uSE (preamp out 1) and to the L/R of the M2000 solid state amp (preamp out 2). And I assume there is a digital crossover somewhere in the mix. That's actually much more do-able than what I thought would require buying another identical amp to power the other "side" of the speakers.
  12. That's a very kind and generous offer... When you say it's an "active" crossover, does this mean I would NOT need extra amps to power everything or that if I went down this road I'd still need to run multiple amps across the system? This ultimately seems to be the dealbreaker for me every time I get feeling brave about it. I've just searched too long to abandon my Luxman valve amp and I can't afford to buy 3 more of them Kind of related question but I've looked into the Avantgarde Zero TA XD as well - it seems to me like this is kind of the same idea with onboard electronics to handle the DSP and an active subwoofer built into the speaker. Not that I'm comparing that speaker to the shock and awe of the Jubilee, but is this speaker addressing the same timing/phase type issues by having everything built-in to the speaker itself (and ability to use your own stereo amp & sources)?
  13. Yes, I do have excellent sources - listening to mostly Redbook but some hi res files purchased either through Qobuz or HD Tracks... content is where it all starts and ultimately what it's all about. My favorite & most played albums are things like Chick Corea Trio's Trilogy recordings, Tears for Fears' Seeds of Love, Pink Floyd's DSOTM, lots of Pat Metheny, Rick Rubin's work with Tom Petty & Johnny Cash, Steven Wilson, etc... it goes on and on, but honestly even with poorly produced Redbook files the Chord stack still makes them sound incredibly refined and transparent (80s pop. etc). Thanks - I run dual SVS SB2000 subs, which is an upgrade over the single JL Audio e112 I was running. The SB2000s have a 12dB low pass rolloff slope and I've had them set at 70Hz since doing a lot of experimenting by ear. One thing I noticed with higher settings was male bass vocals noticeably bleeding over into the subwoofer at much higher than 70Hz. I used Club for Five's cover of Brothers In Arms to set optimally to avoid the lead bass vocal from bleeding over and got down to about 70Hz until it wasn't an issue. This afternoon I am experimenting a bit more per your suggestion - set at 100Hz, there is a good bump/improvement in that upper bass and I'm not hearing any separation - but I haven't listened to Club for Five yet (ha!) Thanks - I can experiment with this via Roon's DSP parametric EQ filters. I did experiment based on an earlier suggestion on bumping a bit up at 400Hz but I didn't hear any improvement. I'll run some tracks with a notch at 148Hz and see how it sounds. All in all this has been a really enlightening thread, one that - as I've mentioned - has given me a little more appreciation for my current system and the capabilities of the La Scala IIs. It does seem like upgrades at this point would be at considerable expense for potentially not much of an "upgrade" from what I love about these speakers right now. It's a cliche but these kind of discussions can make you "really appreciate what you have" versus the greener grass we always seem to be chasing in this hobby.
  14. Thanks @Islander and @Bubo - this is a wealth of information and answers a lot of questions I have about the Jubilees in particular. I gotta be honest, however it reflects on me here in this forum... The Jubilee and/or JubScala project does seem all a little overwhelming for me, and as I've listened to the La Scala IIs over the past few nights since starting this thread, I have been much more critically listening and really trying to get to the heart of why I want to upgrade. Honestly, they sound amazing, and upon hours of listening there really seems to be only one conclusion - "these sound amazing, but I feel like there's even better I can get to wring out that last 5-8% of what is possible." And so the question would then be how much trouble and expense is it worth to get that 5-8%. With the Jubes/JubScala, it seems like there's a lot of DIY stuff and considerable additional expense when you start talking about getting another $6,000 Luxman tube amplifier and digital crossovers, etc. I also have concerns about re-digitizing an analog system that has already been processed by my Innuos/Chord electronics, which I really, really like... running them through a digital crossover effectively makes them irrelevant. What I'd be looking for is a solution that goes from the speaker taps of my Luxman directly to the posts of 2 other speakers, passing the unaltered analog system from my tube amp into the speakers. So within those parameters, is there a speaker upgrade that can wring that last little slice of fidelity out of my system? It sounds like Khorns may get me 3%, maybe Cornwall IVs could get a little further... but again there's $6-12,000 investment. All of this tells me 2 things... 1) I need to hear Jubilees at some point because they must be absolutely awesome and (2) I probably need to save myself a nice chunk of change and continue to enjoy the La Scala IIs in my system. I do have 2 SVS SB2000s running with the LS IIs, crossover is set around 70Hz and the blend is extremely seamless, in that you can't tell the bass is not coming from the LS bass bins. Occasionally on sub-bass (below ~20Hz) it is a little evident that the subs are in the mix, but only on certain electronic music, etc. Optimal placement was done using extensive work with Anthem ARC room correction & my Anthem AVM 60 (using the spot measurement tool) but there is no DSP/room correction done on the subs at this point. I have a totally independent & separated HT system with Monitor Audio Gold speakers and SVS SB16 Ultra/JL Audio e112 subs that does use Anthem Room Correction and it is awesome. But no way for 2 channel music. Thanks - I don't mess with EQ as mentioned before, I am really happy with the Chord digital stack & Luxman tube amp and don't want to further alter the signal - However, I am a Roon user and it does have parametric EQ options so I will experiment with that based on your results! Additionally I have some pretty extensive room treatment with acoustic panels, scatter plates, bass traps, etc. It makes a huge difference!
  15. I'll definitely post an update. I am really interested in hearing them!
  16. Thanks! I actually move that Eames replica into the center of the room (in front of the couch) every night for critical listening. The couch is primarily home theater use. I did find that the best placement in this room was directly in the corners... I struggled a bit with soundstage and imaging when trying to get a toe-in with them flat against that back wall. They are about 45º toe-in right now, pretty much right over the opposite shoulders when I am sitting in the main listening position. Raising the fronts slightly with Orea pucks helped by better utilizing the first and second reflection panels and really tightened up the sound. I don't find the mids/highs very aggressive at all with this placement. What I do find, regardless of positioning, is that on certain mid-high timbres of vocalists and some instruments, there is a slightly aggressive overtone/ring frequency that seems a bit forward. It's not what I would call treble-y or sharp... just a bit of an unnatural resonance in an otherwise perfectly balanced midrange. Those overtones could be what @Dave A was talking about when he mentioned certain things about the mids that the Cornwall IVs handle better than the La Scalas.
  17. Very true about boundary. I recently made a change with my positioning by raising the front of the La Scalas very slightly with a couple of Orea pucks under each front corner. This resulted in a noticeable difference in sound which I attribute to better directional absorbtion by the first and second reflection acoustic panels, as well as raising the tweeters slightly above ear level. This really cleaned up the sound quite a bit and resulted in better detail and a "firmer" sound. I'll definitely give the CW IV a fair shot/listen... I realize a lot of this is subjective to listener preferences. I have had several people swear up and down that in their experience the Cornwall IIIs sound better than the La Scala IIs. This obviously was not my experience. But it stands to reason others may prefer the sound of the CW IV to the AL5 LS as well.
  18. It's about an 8 hour round trip. I'm going to be in the DC area for CAF next weekend and I'm asking around my audiophile group up there if anyone has a pair I could listen to.
  19. Thanks @Dave A and @JohnA - the Cornwalls were actually not even on my radar but it seems like they deserve an audition for sure. I have heard the Cornwall IIIs and they did not match or exceed the listening experience with my La Scala IIs. I've owned or still own Heresy IIIs, La Scala IIs, and for a brief time the Forte IIIs (and heard the Cornwall IIIs). The La Scala IIs are the closest to "live" I have ever heard which is why I love them so much and I'm interested in wringing out that last 3% with a potential upgrade (without losing what I love about the LSIIs). I want to mention, when I talk about "aesthetic" I'm not some lifestyle-only guy who needs my speakers to match my bookshelves, etc. There are much "prettier" speakers than the La Scala IIs for example. Hell I consider both my 70th Anniversary Indian rosewood Heresy IIIs and piano ebony Monitor Audio Golds to be better looking than the La Scala. But they will never measure up when it comes to sound! When I sit down in my room to listen to music, it's usually after a 10-12 hour work day and I have a couple hours to relax and do some critical listening... surroundings and aesthetic is a factor in that. I don't want to sit in a bare room with speaker wire hanging everywhere, I just want to "feel good" about the experience and calm down my brain. This is a dedicated media room, not a living room or other shared space in the house. So I'm not trying to appease a spouse or anything like that. To some degree, looking at Jubilees kind of struck me as a very industrial speaker that honestly kind of looks like one of those early 90's rear projection TVs. All that being said, if I listen to them and they knock my socks off then I am sure I could make them work in this room. On the other hand I feel like it's worth checking out all my options and weighing them against each other. I am in southwest VA by the way, so unfortunately I don't know of any Jubilees in the area. I am going to Capital Audiofest next weekend and perhaps will be able to hear the Cornwall IVs and new Klipschorns.
  20. Thanks - in what way would you say the new Cornwall bests the La Scala? I am interested your impressions on what you heard. Just from the outside perspective of not having heard them yet it is hard for me to figure that Cornwalls would best the La Scala in terms of scale (enormous sound even at low volume) and dynamics. For example, I have Monitor Audio Gold 200s sitting next to my La Scala IIs that I use for my home theater. There are several things I think the Monitor Audio does better than the La Scala IIs, but I would never listen to music through them because the things I love about the La Scala IIs, they cannot touch.
  21. That may be an option, however if I was going to stick with the La Scala I'd probably just upgrade entirely to the AL5. I think the cabinet bracing is different and it may have some design changes that go beyond the electronics/components. I currently have the walnut LS IIs but those matte black with the silver grilles are mighty nice looking.
  22. I'm starting to consider what my options may be in upgrading from the La Scala IIs, which I have owned and loved for a couple of years now. I have all my electronics settled at this point and don't see any further upgrades in that area for a long time. So I'm turning my attention to the speakers, which I plan to be my LAST speaker purchase, so I want to make the right choices here. My signal is currently an all-digital front end (Innuos server, Chord M Scaler & TT2), Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme preamp, and Luxman MQ-88uSE valve amp. What I would like to improve on the La Scala IIs is a bit smoother midrange with more cohesiveness from the top to bottom end (I am currently supporting the bottom end with dual SVS SB2000 subs). What I absolutely don't want to sacrifice is the scale, dynamics, and speed of the La Scala IIs. There are very few, if any, speakers I can think of that do what the La Scala IIs do so well in those departments. SO the last thing I want to do is spend thousands of dollars then have buyer's remorse because I've sacrificed one of those other areas. Aesthetics are somewhat of a factor. I want large form factor speakers that "fit" in a furniture sense and have a timeless aesthetic. Unfortunately I have not heard any of the options I'm about to list here, but have done extensive research on reviews and owner feedback. I'm looking at a few options - one would be the most expensive and the riskiest which is the Tannoy Canterbury GRs. I absolutely love the look of the Tannoy. I love the history of the company, and I believe the engineering of the Tannoys would definitely show benefits on the smoother midrange and cohesiveness of the sound. However I am a little skeptical they would match the scale and dynamics of the La Scala IIs. So this could be a compromise and I'm pretty wary of that. Plus they are very pricey. Next option, I guess the most obvious, would be the new AK6 Klipschorns. They seem to check every box in terms of upgrading from the La Scala IIs. I am not concerned in the least about JA's recent Stereophile measurements, and it seems like Dudley claimed my exact amp (the Luxman) sounded marvelous with the Klipschorns. I do have 2 corners in my listening room, in fact my La Scala IIs are currently corner loaded on the short wall, about 15' apart and they sound marvelous. But I am a little concerned that the improvements I am looking for in the midrange could be incremental. I want the upgrade to be a "buy it for life" upgrade and I'm not sure I wouldn't get an upgrade itch a couple of years into ownership with the Klipschorns. The other most recent option has been looking into Jubilees. I will say I am not a huge fan of the bass bin aesthetic of the Jubes. They do kind of look a little industrial and 1990s to me. Again, size is not a factor, but I don't want an eyesore as the main focal point in the room. However it seems like all of the great things I am reading about the Jubes could potentially be seen by holding on to my La Scala II bass bins and just replacing the tophat with the 402 horn. In this configuration I could see setting the 402 on top of the La Scala II bass bin, and continuing to use my SB2000 subs (sent out from my preamp). This option could retain all of the great things about the La Scala IIs that I love and improve the midrange and scale of the speakers. However with that option... I am kind of a "set it and forget it" guy and not comfortable in any way setting active crossovers and doing external amps to power bass bins, etc. I'm wondering if it is even possible to just add the 402 to the La Scala IIs and use it in the way I am thinking without a whole lot of tinkering around with crossover settings etc. Given what I've mentioned above, can I get some feedback on what option may be the way to go here? Thanks!
  23. Just got a pair of 70th Anniversary Indian Rosewood Heresy IIIs and I couldn't be happier. I traded up my old Heresy speakers for La Scala IIs last year, but damned if there isn't something about these little Heresy IIIs that stays with you.
  24. I don't know if you're referring to my original post... definitely not a case of being hammered and having a cranked session - stated a couple of times it was a burst of digital noise from having the wrong input running through my integrated. However in that time I have definitely had cranked sessions, and the louder they get the better they sound. I was out of town for the last week and came home Friday morning, wife took the kids to school then went to the gym. While she was gone, I put on Judas Priest's Sad Wings of Destiny, through the Luxman 509X integrated and tube preamp and into the La Scala IIs, it had to be at least 105 dB. I get a text from my wife, she's in the driveway. It says "I don't even want to come in." Apparently the windows on her Lexus were rattling... and she got out in the driveway and across the street, a neighbor was staring at the house. "Sorry, my husband is listening to music," she said to the guy. Tweeters held up nicely.
  25. Good to hear the CT120s are working out for you! After spending hours swapping out gear and driving myself insane over the Christmas holiday, I came to the conclusion that the sizzley top end in my system was a combination of components and source material and not the new tweeters. I had 3 different DACs, a new streamer, and had added back in my Anthem AVR as a preamp in my L-509X to boot, so it's no wonder the sound was disorienting. After a week of heavy eBay selling, I have now offloaded about $5500 worth of equipment and narrowed my rig down to the Luxman L-509X, CL-40 preamp, DA-06 DAC, and Innuos Zen. Everything sounds better than ever now, and my La Scala IIs are back to their former glory.
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