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  1. Hi guys, I just ordered the R28 5.1 speaker pack which includes: R-28F Floor Standing speakers R-25C Center Speaker R-14S Surround Speakers R-10SW Subwoofer Just in regards to the R-14S rears. I have a 4x5m theater room (5 meter sides). my couch is currently hard up against the rear wall. I will pull this forwards half a meter or so (up to a meter if needed). Am i better to mount the rears on the back wall or the side? or can you mount them in the corners at 45°? Also, is there a rule of thumb for height to mount these speakers? I was initially going to get a pack with bookshelf rears and just put them on a stand, but now i am getting these R14 surrounds i'm not sure exactly where to put them. I know moving them around to test and listening once i get them will determine the best spot, but thought i'd see if there are any starter recommendations. Thanks
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