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  1. No need to reply guys lol. I had a friend that was fairly local to me and was able to experience everything that the DMS500 offered. WOW is all Im going to add here, just f————g WOW!!!. Needless to say I whole heartedly took the plunge. Thanks for all your constructive criticism and help in making this decision lol, Im forever grateful lol 😂
  2. Hello y’all, Im looking at the Cary DMS 500 to upgrade my Project S2 Digital and wanting to make the plunge. I just wanted to get a feel for what any of your opinions are that own this unit. Im pairing it with an Adcom 5802 750 Pre and the Cf4’s. I’ve read really great things on the DMS and haven’t really found too much negative feedback on it. Thanks so much for any and all info ~ appreciate it fellas.
  3. Yes they are home safely and resting in the foyer. Generally I don’t like to show off but for you I’ll post a prett Pic 🥰
  4. Theres another listing for some original Cornwalls as well if you dig a little. Your Welcome.
  5. Maine has got a nice set of 4’s listed for 4500
  6. Looks like the 64th day of the year 2000
  7. Ahhh I see. I’ve decided to go the route you have been doing and place the klc7 as center and am awaiting another pair of c4’s. One pair for two channel another pair for ht. Now, to get into the car and drive 😎 I may even pick up a pair of cf3’s on my way back for the surrounds 😉
  8. Sounds like a great problem to have lol. If I was 20 min away it would be an awesome opportunity. From what I understand which Im still unsure of here is that you either have two sets of cf3’s and One klc7 or you have neither and just one klc7 and aspired to buy a set of cf3’s and split with some one. Have I missed something lol.
  9. Thanks appreciate the feedback
  10. Hey guys just dropping in to say hello - great thread! Thanks for all the good information, I’ve learned a ton in the last couple of days on the Epic series. I guess I’m officially now part of the CF4 club now. Coming from the pro line (KPT456) I gotta say these are awesome in my room. Like my kpt’s little brother but strong and smooth. Makes sense though as Im learning more about these and found that these and the 456’s share the same father (Roy Delgado) -thanks Roy Awesome engineering! Question for you all if you will. As you can see from the pic Im in need to replace the center. I have the opportunity right now to purchase the klf7 or the KV4. Any suggestions on which I should lean towards would be appreciated. There are actually 2 kv4’s that I jave access to as well. Thanks so much fellow followers.
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