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  1. Yes, excellent paper. It seems to me that a three channel system is the way to go and PWK's boxes would be widely available. I think Klipsch needs to resurrect the mini box as a very useful product for the Heritage line. I'm not adept at the build your own process. If someone has a PWK box that they would like to sell the would work in combo with a single stereo amp, please message me. I do have a little Kinter amp with a volume control. Could it be used as a mono amp? Thanks again for all the great comments.
  2. Thanks. It would be interesting to view PWK's design. I believe I had read once that he preferred a three channel system with the Klipschorn and La Scala speakers and I want to try it. I have a large listening room and I think the Heresy will be the ticket to increase the soundstage. If anyone comes across the PWK design, let me know.
  3. I know this is the "two-channel" topics, but I need some advice on how to hook up a single Heresy to a Tube Cube amp to augment my La Scala two channel system. I plug the La Scala's into the back of the little Tube Cube amp using banana plugs. How does one add the center? I would greatly appreciate an explanation. Thanks
  4. Tony - I double checked, what I have is a pair of the stock "AA". NOT what you are searching for. Good luck finding the AL-4. Dave
  5. Hi Tony - I have a pair of original La Scala crossovers. I may want to sell them if you are still interested. They were working just fine when I replaced them with ALK's universal networks.
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