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  1. I am using a Sunfire Symphonic Reference Preamp and a Carver TFM-4.0 Power Amplifier with my Klipsch KLF-20's and to me the sound is amazing; at least to these old ears!
  2. To my old and mistreated ears; the KLF-20's that I purchased new in 1998 just keep rocking while listening to my vinyl and CDs! They continue to sound great in my setup!!!!!
  3. Here is the extract from the KLF manual that describes using the KLF's on carpet or hard surfaces. The Vinyl Caps just slide over the Threaded Cabinet Inserts and are nothing special. I've also included a picture of the Vinyl Caps that came with my KLF-20's. Installation of KLF 20 and KLF 30 Spike Feet: The larger KLF models have four threaded inserts, covered with a soft vinyl cap, on the bottom of the cabinet. If the speaker will be used on a hard surface, these caps should be left in place to provide a non-skid surface. Also included in the carton are four spike feet. The spike feet will enhance the performance of your KLF series loudspeaker by concentrating the weight of the speaker on the spikes, improving the mechanical connection to the floor (especially on carpet). This improves the definition, clarity and detail of the speaker by channeling cabinet vibration into the floor. The spikes are intended for use on carpet, but may also be used on hardwood, vinyl or tile floors. Be advised that they will scratch or mar the floor's surface. In either case, final positioning of the speaker should be determined before the spikes are installed. Mark the speaker's location on the floor with masking tape, install the spikes and reposition in the desired location.
  4. Yep, I had to do that when we had storms come through here on April 12th of this year. We had several large Oak limbs come down in our woods and the top of a large Pine tree. We also had a huge Oak Tree that came down; falling out of the woods onto our back yard and the top ended up about 10 feet from our house. These pictures only show a portion of all the piles of limbs, branches, and segments of the trunk that I cut up. My Echo chainsaw really got a workout and so did I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a lot of trees down in our neighborhood, but thankfully no damage to any homes. From the way that the tops of some trees and some limbs were twisted off, it appears that we probably had a tornado come over us, but off the ground.
  5. My favorite receiver, and I still have it, is a Marantz 4400 Quad Receiver that I purchased new in 1975 at the Navy Exchange in Yokosuka, Japan. Edit to add: To me, the Marantz always had the purest and pleasing sound of any receiver I ever owned. I used it with a pair of Sansui SP-3500 front speakers and Sansui SF-2 rear speakers. In 1988 I purchased a Carver CT-7 Tuner/Preamp and Carver M1.0t Power Amplifier and started using it with my SP-3500’s and eventually my Klipsch KLF-20’s that I bought in 1998. I still have all of this stuff except for the Sansui speakers. Here is a scanned picture of the Marantz and Sansui speaker setup in 1979.
  6. I bought my KLF-20’s new in 1998 and this picture is from the manual and is the way mine came. The spikes were in a Spike Kit and the Threaded Cabinet Insert was covered with the Vinyl Cap. Essentially you could use them without the spikes installed, but the caps would wear over time if the speakers were moved very much. Is what you refer to as a bolt actually the threaded insert like in the manual's picture? You can buy different styles of feet (spikes or rubber) with threaded inserts that will screw into the Threaded Cabinet Insert. Edit to add: the threads should be 1/4-20.
  7. American Beauty Berry here in East Texas.
  8. For all of my HD and 4K connections I use Audioquest Chocolate HDMI cables.
  9. I only have two systems; my 5.1.2 Surround system in our living room and my pure stereo system out in my mancave (named The Boonies). However; I still have every system component that I bought and subsequently replaced/updated going back to 1975 when I purchased my Marantz 4400. 😮 And, all of these components are still in their original boxes. Yep, shelves of boxed up stuff! 😂
  10. Sunset on December 11, 2022; as seen from our back porch here in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Taken with my iPhone 13 Pro.
  11. Sunset on December 7, 2022; as seen from our back porch here in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Taken with my iPhone 13 Pro.
  12. Our 2015 Lexus RX-350 still has a CD player, but it also has a plugin for a USB micro memory stick where I have many music files stored (my favorites). I can also connect and play from my iPhone's iTunes Playlist.
  13. Here in the Piney Woods of East Texas it is 28 degrees and dropping. We've gotten 2.05 inches of rain since yesterday afternoon with a light mixture of sleet today. I don't see any ice forming on the trees and no icicles at this time. Our County Road doesn't appear to have any ice on the surface, but that will probably change as the temperature continues to drop. I think it is supposed to get down to 20 degrees tonight with a high of 34 degrees tomorrow. Our main concern is power outages! Think I might crank up the fireplace before long!
  14. Sad to hear! RIP Don and thanks for all of the great music! I've been a Ventures fan since High School, starting with Walk Don't Run, and have all of their albums.
  15. Sounds like this will be The Eagles "Farewell II Tour". 😂
  16. I am happy with the two systems I have now, so my 2 channel system and my 5.1.2 system will remain unchanged. So, I guess it is finally time to start selling off all of the extra audio equipment I've accumulated since about 1975!!!!! 😮😂
  17. Here in East Texas it is sunny with blue skies and unseasonably warm at 79 degrees.
  18. Sunset taken from the beach behind the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA. Point Loma is on the right of the picture.
  19. A Pacific Sea Nettle with a lot of bubbles in the water. The picture was taken last week at the Birch Aquarium in San Diego.
  20. Nice cover, great album!
  21. And then there's Roxy Music!
  22. As dwilawyer said, this will take some time! However, I'll start with my absolute favorite and fill in the blanks later. Edit to add a few: It's A Beautiful Day - It's A Beautiful Day Time - The Pozo-Seco Singers The Ventures - The Ventures
  23. RIP Dusty Hill! Yep, Tres Hombres is my favorite as well. I like the whole album, but my favorite song from that album is "Master of Sparks".
  24. On the Air side we would send the new squadron guys out for "A Bucket of Prop Wash" or "100 Feet of Flight Line". 🤣
  25. Prayers said for peace, comfort, and strength during this time of loss!
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