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  1. Sunset taken from the beach behind the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA. Point Loma is on the right of the picture.
  2. A Pacific Sea Nettle with a lot of bubbles in the water. The picture was taken last week at the Birch Aquarium in San Diego.
  3. Nice cover, great album!
  4. And then there's Roxy Music!
  5. As dwilawyer said, this will take some time! However, I'll start with my absolute favorite and fill in the blanks later. Edit to add a few: It's A Beautiful Day - It's A Beautiful Day Time - The Pozo-Seco Singers The Ventures - The Ventures
  6. RIP Dusty Hill! Yep, Tres Hombres is my favorite as well. I like the whole album, but my favorite song from that album is "Master of Sparks".
  7. On the Air side we would send the new squadron guys out for "A Bucket of Prop Wash" or "100 Feet of Flight Line". 🤣
  8. Prayers said for peace, comfort, and strength during this time of loss!
  9. It was before my time here, but was it the race to see who hit page 400 first? Your post at the top of page 399 seemed to kick off the competition! 😂
  10. The speaker shown in the photo is the next step up SP3500. On that cruise I bought a pair of SP3500's (Front Channels), a pair of Sansui SF-2's (rear Channels), a Sansui 2-channel receiver (don't remember the model), a Sansui QS-800 rear channel amplifier, and a bunch of other electronics. In the late 1990's I gave the Sansui Speakers, the Sansui receiver, and the QS-800 to a Missionary couple.
  11. Although I don't use it anymore, I still have the Akai GX-370D that I bought at the Navy Exchange in Subic Bay, PI during our 1972-73 participation in the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. The picture is my setup in our VAW-115 Avionics Shop aboard the USS Midway (CVA-41) during Christmas 1972.
  12. Sounds like you still have May grey! 🙂
  13. Probably my 1970 Z28 Camaro that I ordered and bought new. It was a hot machine off the factory assembly line, but I made it a lot hotter!!! It was a heck of a street racing machine!
  14. My wife and I got our 2nd Moderna shot today; I am 75 and my wife is 73. We had a little arm soreness that lasts about 2 days, but nothing of concern. So far the 2nd shot side effects are about the same as the 1st shot.
  15. Yes, they do, especially since Marantz is owned by Denon they seem to keep the product lines and models within very similar with subtle differences.
  16. I can't comment on the Yamaha, but I bought and have a Marantz SR-5012 that I purchased new in 2017 when it first came out and I really like it!!! However, I also wanted to try the similarly configured, but updated Denon AVR-X3500H so I bought one new in 2019. They both sound pretty much the same, with some subtle differences, in my 5.1.2 system so I'm still using the Denon while the Marantz rests on the sidelines for now.
  17. Buck115

    What I Got Today!

    Well, I certainly didn't ask for it, but I/we got it. So far we've received about 3 inches of snow here in our area of East Texas. It can stop any time now!!!! Here is a picture I took from our back porch, down towards our woods, about 30 minutes ago. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
  18. Out here in the country we have good neighbors and watch each others back. There are about 23 houses on our County road, some of us put up Christmas decorations, some don't, but we all enjoy seeing the lights. I've scaled way back from my pre-retirement days.
  19. That has been my experience too, that is, until this young one!
  20. I've decided that it was a Copper Headed Rattle Moccasin! 😂 When I posted the pictures on one of my gun forums, two members who are very knowledgeable corrected my Copperhead assumption and stated that it was a Cottonmouth. However, when the one member that is an expert on snakes and other reptiles chimed in and concurred that it was a Cottonmouth I figured it really was a Cottonmouth. When I looked at pictures of young Copperheads and Cottonmouths side by side, I was convinced.
  21. Here is a different angle that shows the yellow tail. When I took these pictures my iPhone was very close to the snake, too close in reality. Even though a Copperhead is poisonous, its venom isn't that deadly unless you have underlying medical conditions. Had I realized it was a Cottonmouth, I would have taken the picture from about 6 feet back!!!!!! 😲 I'm darn lucky I didn't get nailed. Also, with Cottonmouths, I can usually smell them before I see them, but this little guy didn't have that musty smell.
  22. About one inch of the tip of the tail is yellow and that seems to be common to young Cottonmouths and Copperheads. They use it to lure in prey aka snacks. Needless to say, I will pay much closer attention to snake details and will trust my instincts next time when something doesn’t seem right! I killed a baby Copperhead about 5 weeks ago; I saw it while mowing and got off my Lawn Tractor, found a good stick, and systematically removed its head. That was the first Copperhead we’ve seen on our side of the County Road since we retired and moved here in 2006. The Cottonmouth pictured above lost its head also, but I used a shovel on it.
  23. Just an iPhone picture, but a couple of weeks ago I went out on the Tarmac (aka driveway) to assess how much pine straw, pine cones, sticks, and leaves I would need to deal with before I mowed. While I was standing at one spot near the edge of the driveway, assessing what I needed to do, I happened to look down and about two feet from my left foot was a tightly coiled young, what I thought was a Copperhead, on the driveway. When I was walking down the edge of the driveway, the snake just looked like a large, colorful, Sassafras leaf or wad of pine straw. I’m reminded of the old saying, “if it had been a snake, it would have bitten me”! I'm really surprised this one didn't try to nail my leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I thought it was a young Copperhead because of the color; there was just something about the girth of the snake, the pattern, and the shape of the head that puzzled me, but I dismissed those thoughts and just figured it was a Copperhead. Turns out I was wrong, it was a young Cottonmouth and after researching them online I discovered that young Cottonmouths can indeed be easily confused for a Copperhead because of the color, but not all young Cottonmouths are the color of this one. In all my time hunting, fishing, and frog gigging; I’d never seen a Cottonmouth with that copper color.
  24. My guess is Diarrhea of the fingers! 😈
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