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  1. Hoooh Ahhhh, you got me Schu Man, no, you are not my confessor.....or PROFESSOR. And yes, I am looking for answers and to be educated, just not by you.
  2. wdecho, cool, I buy that. Pete switched them, and he seems happy. Can I switch gears? Pete, others, what about the low end? What are you finding in the bass bottom? 51hz seems high as I'm coming off a low of 34hz I believe with my speakers. Do you feel a sub is going to be necessary?
  3. Schu, how in the hell can you tell someone that they make no sense and not be dismissive. What you're saying is that your sense of your intelligence and common sense is superior to mine. And, I'm not even saying that may not be true. But, instead of offering up a reply that gave ponderance and insight, you chose to dismiss. I hope you're not an educator.
  4. Haha, I'm livin' it because passion is an amazing thing. I wouldn't be guilty of calling myself an audiophile but I have a passion for music.
  5. Well, uh, ok.....schu did the call out not me. Fisticuffs? Really? Too sensitive boys. Looking to share, be informed, and not be dismissive. So sorry.....
  6. No Pete, Schu is not calm. He's hyper defensive and worried about being screwed. He's not gonna be. You proved it. He appears to think everyone is out to get him. The deal is legit I believe. Cut him slack? Fugetaboutit. The beauty of the sound is in the ears of the beholder. If you love the sound, and you love the look, the fact that you got such a great deal should make you love them even more. Congrats
  7. Aha, Thaddeus thank you. That's what I'm looking for to my non-sensical question. It's all about veneers not tuning. Again, why a R & L designation? I have ADS L1230 floors that are obviously designated left and right because of the cant on the tweet and mid on each speaker. But why on the Klipsch? Mystique?
  8. T2K, you forgot the harvest moon. It can alter those sine waves.
  9. For hell's sake Schu, calm down. I think it does make sense. When you talk crossovers, individual components, cabinetry, etc., you can definitely "tune" two speakers or establish like similarities between two speakers and pair them. Veneers, I get it. I think that's the bond. But Left & Right? Why? And, don't tell me I don't make sense. Reading your posts tells me you don't have the good sense God gave a claw hammer. Just sayin' cause you're sayin'. 😎
  10. Jimbo, I noticed that Pete had pics of 24R & 24L. So is one to assume they should be placed in that fashion as a right and left channel? I am wondering if Klipsch does anechoic chamber testing/tweaking to match the speakers. It sounds cool but I may be reading too much into it. And even if a sound chamber test mates two speakers "similar", if serial #'s are off by a few digits, is there a sonic difference? I think not. But as far as resale, you're right.
  11. So here's a question for you. What is the exact significance of sequential matching serial #'s? Is it because of the book matched veneers? Or, is it a sonic matching of speakers in the lab in Hope, AK? Are there "left" & "right" speakers in the matched pair? And, if they're not matched, is the value less? And are they sonically inferior?
  12. Dave1290, Old Spice and Brylcreem !!! All good.
  13. Jimjimbo, too funny. Let's go have a few beers. Those poachers got ate !!!
  14. Now that's funny. C'mon let's have a laugh. Jimjimbo, never said you were ignorant, your words.
  15. Schu, yup, I called Klipsch on that point. All warranties handled thru Klipsch. Schu just chill. In a few days those beautiful Zebras are gonna land on your doorstep. After set up you'll settle into "position A", take a sip of your favorite beverage, and hit "play". At that point with a big shite eating grin on your face, you're gonna feel like the smartest guy on the planet !!
  16. Thaddeus, you're killin' me. Jimjimbo, don't be a hater. Be happy. True, Australian Zebrawood is not everyone's cup of tea. But, I harken back, $5600 for the 70th Anniversary Edition vs. $8000 for standard version. It's the biggest "no brainer" in the history of the world !!!
  17. Thaddeus.....Hilarious 🙈🙉🙊
  18. Jimjimbo, I hear ya. And I agree. I'm still caught up with, "if it's too good to be true"..... Anyone that has them from this deal, have you found a little oval sticker hidden on the underside of the speaker that says "China" ?? C'mon now, just havin fun. In all reality one does have to be aware of counterfeit scams. One of the Koch brothers lost millions on a wine fraud scam. The wine was sold through reputable dealers. Heck, they were scammed too. There's fake Rolexes, Gucci handbags, paintings like Rembrandt's. I even read of a fake Ferrari seized by customs that was so genuine looking they could only tell when the wiring harness was examined closely. Just sayin'.......
  19. Schu, I'm with you. Don't know when in 2016 they were released, so let's say it was late as December '16. That means in 18 months they haven't sold all 70 pairs of LS 2 AE speakers?? They couldn't sell more than 4 pair per month?? But, they're still not all sold yet. Adorama isn't the only place selling em. If Adorama had about 8 on the floor, and there's half a dozen more closed box units out there, they maybe sold 3 pairs a month !!! Worldwide ???? Where are the Klipsch fans OR is there a bamboozle by Klipsch as they keep cranking em out based on demand? Would the proud owner/owners of LS 2 Anniversary Edition with ser#'s 0071/0072 and higher please report in...... However, still a helluva deal at less than base unit price no matter the ser# 🤑
  20. Deano, that's great to hear. It's a fact there's no "one fits all". I guess u gotta set it up and see what it sounds like and tweak from there. Are you set up in corners? Or one corner? That enhances bottom end, right?
  21. Deano, don't know if I missed this but are you subbing your new Cherry LS 2's? If so, with what?
  22. Correct. It's a celebration of the 70 years in business. In 2026 there'll be an 80th Anniversary Edition no doubt.
  23. So Emile, what's your take on the LS 2's with sub on? Do you know what sub he's using?
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