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  1. Similar pair in Northern California for $1800 asking price, been up for 2 weeks and still available. Can probably be had for $1500. You could road trip from Maine and still be money ahead than paying his price. Lol Guess he wants you to make it worth his while to part with them!
  2. Those look very much like a pair I used to own, even the casters... Hoping for a reunion.
  3. I’m your huckleberry... PM sent. Live down the street... Well almost.
  4. Sounds like a good plan... I’m jealous!!! Enjoy 🍻 ** wondering how long before the other set’s listed again...? 😳
  5. Craters & Freighters are one shipping company that will go on site, box them up, load and haul them but it’s not cheap. I’m sure there’s others. I tried to figure out how to get these to California “easily” and Under $500 but couldn’t so I didn’t bid on them.... it would’ve been around $1000 - $1200 to fly out, rent a truck with gas and lodging... good luck!
  6. Thanks to both of you. Frninvt - After looking at Al's site your's look to be the "original" universals and mine are he's newer "economy" version (I think). Dean - So would it be safe to assume that the 33uF crosses over around 700Hz and the 47uF crosses over around 500Hz?
  7. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I picked up (2) different sets of ALK CSW Universal crossovers from the forum garage sale section here and each set has a different value large capacitor. One set has a 33 uF capacitor and the other has a 47 uF capacitor. Not sure what these capacitors are for but assume they're for the LF/MF crossover point. I believe the 47 uF pair were used in KHorns, not sure what the other pair were used in. Any help's appreciated. I was going to use them in Belle's. I also have a pair of KPT-435's which I used the CSW with the 33 uF capacitors in and they seem to work very well. Ran some REW sweeps and they look good to me but I'm new to this and my not be doing everything correctly. They sound great to my ears but that's not saying much either, my hearing's shot, permanent ringing and can't even hear the REW sweeps above 15K Hz. I appreciated everyone's time and any advice given. Mark
  8. Maybe the original deal fell through (high bid was $2650 I believe) or looks like they may have more than one set, look at the open roll up door in the background of the one picture, I see another set there and god knows what else they have in there. Second chance to those who slept on the last set. You know about what they'll sell for....
  9. Thanks for the shout out and kind words Roger!
  10. not familiar with the 501, what horn lens is that?
  11. Lab Gruppen C20:8X (8 channel, 250 watts per channel, adjustable gain) with Xilica FR1 DSP. I attached a couple of pics of the OEM crossovers. They have a KPT-335 sticker on them but I've seen this on all the 510/703 top hats regardless of bass bin used. they're approximatly 8" square and it's only the one crossover, nothing on or in the 904 bass bin. One sticker claims the 904 bass bin will be 3 db higher than the 335 HF/MF but that's definitely not the case. I don't know which capacitors and/or coils go to each driver. Was going to reverse engineer them but had the ALK crossovers laying around and once I realized the drives had the same impedance (splitting hairs) as their original design criteria I hooked them up just to see and to my surprise were perfect (IMHO and REWs). Never looked back and finally went active with great success!
  12. Dave, The stock crossovers were so muted in the low frequencies I couldn't even EQ them close to what I wanted. Not sure they're even the correct crossovers for the dual 15" bass bin. The guys I bought them from had KPT-335s for sale also. When I got mine, the high frequency sections had pieces of tape labeled small speaker so they may have mixed up the upper section of the 335 & 435, not sure. Anyway, I've played around with several crossovers from ALK (AP500/ES5800, ES700 2 way, and ALK Universal). All worked and sounded really good, the AP500/ES500 sounded the best at higher levels but definitely needed more power than the universal to get the same DB level, the ES700 2 way with K-69A driver lost some of the high frequency sparkle but probably would have been a better option with a wider range driver, the universal sounded better at lower listening levels and was very good at high levels so for the money it's the best all around. Even set them up with REW and the plots were perfect. Got lucky that the (2) K-45 15" drivers wired in parallel have almost identical impedance to a single K-33 so they mated well. I'm going full active now with individual channels powering each driver, pushing 800 watts in total to each speaker and they sound better than ever. I've sold off all of the ALKs except the Universals. Figured if I sell the speakers, the buyer will most likely want a passive system and they work exceptionally well, highly recommend them. Mark
  13. Didn't replace them, just passing on some items I don't have room for. Starting a complete house remodel next month so the money will help also. I still have (1) pair of Belles (at dads house) and (3) KPT-435's (my house).
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