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  1. https://goldcountry.craigslist.org/ele/d/grass-valley-speakers-klipsch-epic/6889051222.html no affiliation
  2. https://slo.craigslist.org/ele/d/paso-robles-klipsch-outdoor-speakers/6893524235.html No affiliation.
  3. Jason’s right, 14” id, I didn’t subtract wood thickness from plans. haven’t built a pair, yet...
  4. Response is flatter and sensitivity higher the wider you go.
  5. 16” tall opening by however wide the enclosure is made. They are 36” tall by 36” deep and can be made 18” to 36” wide using a 15” driver. 12” drivers can be used in a 15” to 30” wide enclosure. Enclosures under 18” wide are recommended to use 12” drivers and anything 18” wide and over a 15” driver is recommended. Straight from BFM plans...
  6. Looks like $120 each from parts express, that’s worth trying. Thanks!
  7. Curious what the improvement was? lower, smoother, harder hitting...? Have you or others tried these in Belle’s? Thanks!
  8. I thought about doing the base bin upgrade on my la scalas but decided against it and put a Klipsch 115 sub in the room with them, works great! Some will turn their noses up at mixing horns and direct radiators but it was cheap (already had the sub) and sounds great to me (the one who listens to it)! and I second the Crites upgrades, did the same to a pair of Belles and it was a noticeable improvement. If you want an even better crossover look at ALK Engineering. Several levels of upgrade options and price points.
  9. Stop bragging, some ( I ) don’t have any.... 😳
  10. I’ve only been married for a few years so I still have my 9 lives.... PM sent! 😳
  11. Mine too, after I put some ALK CSW crossovers on them. What are you using for crossovers? Funny - I’m constantly introduced to speakers I never knew existed while browsing these forums. I want to try them all but that would be Ridiculous, right?! just added CF-3 & 4’s to my bucket list.... 😳
  12. Emile, Are you thinking about selling your 904 bass bins too or just the 510/691 top hats? If the latter, what would you use on top of the 904’s?
  13. Shotgun approach has worked for me in the past. And I can relate to the forgetfulness, I always say “if it wasn’t attached to me, I’d forget it too...!” good luck finding what you want Frank!
  14. Probably just ended, May not have sold. They’ve been up for a while. Keep looking, they may come up again.
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