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  1. Buy the 510 clones (don’t recall the manufacture/supplier - anyone?), I think they’re around $50 each. Then you need the mounting bracket, driver of choice and crossover (if going passive), I think Crites has one... Or, if you can swing it, get 402’s for the top end..!
  2. Let me know when you’re ready to sell those splits back to me... whenever you’re ready! 😜
  3. Thanks for the bump. They might if you're using a K-33 (4 ohm) but not if you're using the original K-45 (8 ohm). The 904 bass bin uses (2) K-45s wired in parallel for just under 4 ohms which is in line with the K-33... Someone smarter than me might be able to tell you if and what capacitors to change so they would work with a single 8 ohm LF driver. I found the OEM crossovers to be very bright, supposedly because of setup for behind the screen use. Going to the CSW with the ability to adjust the MF/HF independently really worked wonders. Add some EQ along with about 400 watts of power really made a day and night difference.
  4. Unicorn sighting! The only reason for the sale of these and several other items up now and soon to come is I'm moving out of the country to travel... Everything goes, including the house!
  5. Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme w/ Cream Juicy Music pCAT mono block amplifiers All in very good condition and functionality. Everything works as it should and sounds phenomenal. I don't want to separate them (at least not at the moment). Some slight blems and scratches (mostly on the side of one amp) but nothing major. I have the original boxes, packing and will ship them if I have to. $4000 for all, includes shipping and equal amount of insurance to the lower 48. I'm located in the Bay Area California. PayPal friends & family (otherwise buyer pays the fees) I can share more pictures that are higher resolution if you're serious. Here's a fun read about a tube amp shootout by several forum members. The host of this event is who I acquired this gear from. I believe the JMBB is the exact one used in the shootout but the pCATs are not, he acquired these after the comparison and had to have a pair.
  6. I have (3) Klipsch KPT-435's all original for sale. They are in excellent condition and everything works flawlessly. I live in the Bay Area California and will most likely have to ship them which is do able on a pallet freight (it's how I got them here). My guess is shipping would be around $500 +/- $100 depending on location. They have the original crossovers which don't sound very good in an open home environment but I've been using ALK universal crossovers with great success (REW and my ears say so). DSP would be another way to go with lots of flexibility. I'm asking: $3000 for the (3) with (4) ALK Universal crossovers or $2500 for the (3) without crossovers And I don't want to split them up unless I have a buyer committed to a single prior to selling the other (2). PayPal friends and family or you pay the fees. Buyer also pays for shipping which will be determined once location is known, they're palatalized and weighed. Once we agree upon a price, if shipping turns out to be ridiculous, I'll cover some of it to keep it around $500. Feel free to ask questions.
  7. Bump Don't be shy! Someone with Belle's must want to try this or another horn in place of the OEMs. Now's your chance for a very reasonable price and you don't have to set them on top of the speaker wishing you could fit them in the original location for that factory look...
  8. Wish I had your memory! I have CRS!!!
  9. A pair of ALK ES600/ES5800 crossovers for sale. Excellent condition and fully functional. Can be used in La Scala, Bell, Cornwall or Cornscala. Picture of a single setup (ES600 & ES5800), other crossover's wrapped up... $750 includes shipping & insurance to the lower 48.
  10. I have a pair of top sections (grills) for Belles using the Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 horn and a cutout for his tweeter (I do not have the tweeters). I recently picked these up from another forum member to put into a pair of Belles but my plans have changed so they are up for sale again. They are in perfect condition. Unfortunately I never installed/listened to them and can't comment on how they sound. According to the previous owner, he upgraded to a pair of K-402's, otherwise wouldn't have moved them. $500 includes shipping & insurance to the lower 48 which is what I paid for them a few months ago.
  11. no affiliation anyone use this amp before, opinions? Curious how he can get the deep deal on new Klipsch products...? Maybe dealer affiliation... or previous employee with keys to the warehouse still... lol https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/d/oakland-new-kda-500-power-amplifier/7266666428.html Brand new Klipsch KDA-500 NA 4×4 500W DSP Amplifier. This amp is not refurbished, "B" stock, or used - it's brand new "A" stock unit in factory sealed boxes that comes with full manufacturer's warranty! MSRP: $1,200+tax Your price: $700/delivered to your door, tax is included. I can get you any brand new Klipsch unit for a very low price. So if you are looking for any Klipsch speaker/amp/sub for your home audio needs, please let me know, and I’ll be glad to help.
  12. Don’t know what’s driving your desire for the MC75’s but I know where you can get a MC275CE with upgraded tubes for an asking price of $5k. Doubt you can tell the difference between the 2 different models and if you ever wanted more power you could get a second 275 and mono them for 150w each... And if you really want something special, how about a MC1502 with full second set of factory replacement tubes for $10k. This will smoke the 75’s and even dual mono 275’s... Just planting the seeds.... 🤔😜
  13. no affiliation but it’s local to me so if anyone wants to buy these and have them shipped I’m willing to help with the shipping side since the seller won’t... https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ele/d/san-jose-klipsch-heresy-iv-speakers-pair/7277041271.html 10 months old, mint condition Klipsch Heresy IV speakers (pair) in walnut. They are the latest revision of the Klipsch Heritage Heresy series. They have excellent reviews and they sound open, transparent and with great details. They have bi-wire and or bi-amp capabilities. The speakers are in perfect working conditions with the original boxes and packaging materials if desire. Local pick up only.
  14. https://visalia.craigslist.org/ele/d/visalia-klipsch-floor-standing-speakers/7274015138.html
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