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  1. @archdukeobvious was looking for a pair last month.
  2. Heaterman


    Dang, Canadian pricing is crazy expensive..!?!?
  3. Someone got tired of this scammer on CL in San Francisco and made his own listing…. LOL https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/ele/7549775982.html
  4. Isn’t there a section missing? Dual 15’s that go between the (2) sections shown?
  5. I have 2 pairs (4 drivers) of these in the original packaging. They're slightly used for testing and work as they should, practically new. $30 a pair (2 drivers) shipped to the lower 48. $50 for both pair (4 drivers) shipped to the lower 48.
  6. I have the following parts (NEW in original packing) for anyone who can use them for $30 shipped to the lower 48. (4) Neutrik NC3MXX-B Male XLR Connector Black w/ Gold Contact. (19) Neutrik NC3FXX-B Female XLR Connector Black w/ Gold Contact. (1) 85' Roll (used about 15') Belden Brilliance 8451 22 AWG 2C Mic Line Instrument Cable. These are individual XLR connectors and wire to make up as you need, not pre-assembled.
  7. New lowest price! Moving out of the country and can't take them or store them. Everything else is gone, this is all I have left. They sell or go in the trash!
  8. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/msg/d/las-vegas-klipsch-kpt-884-sw-pro-cinema/7404595974.html If I wasn’t leaving the country I wouldn’t be sharing this…. LOL…. I’d be listening to them! Someone go get them!!!
  9. Only if you modify them from a single 15” to a dual 12” bass bin
  10. I don't believe that's possible with passive crossovers. This is the purpose of using steep filters (4th order) 24hz or steeper so there's little to no overlap of signals between individual drivers. They're not time aligned but they also don't produce the same signal causing echo effects... Most people can tell the difference between the different slope crossovers when A/B'd. I can and personally like the steeper crossovers. I'm no expert here and I'm sure others have a much better understanding and could provide a more comprehensive explanation. http://alkeng.com/ Look under Extreme Slope Crossovers and Questions & Answers section for Al's explanations.
  11. Hi Justin, I still have your number, if it’s the same as before, I’ll call you tomorrow and work something out.
  12. A pair of MiniPunch's with a side of ALK ES crossovers?!?! 😜 Couldn't help myself...
  13. I didn’t build these. I bought the enclosures from Justin Webber. I believe Dave Harris cut all the lumber up but not sure who assembled them. They are a combination of MDF and Baltic Birch Ply, 1” and 3/4”. They’re built like tanks and weigh more than any speaker I’ve owned, even my KPT-435’s.
  14. I have TWO (2) Lab Gruppen C10:8X Amplifiers in perfect working order and great condition will all parts and connectors. 125 watt x 8 channels 4 ohm and up 250 watt x 4 channels bridged 8 ohm and up $600 each shipped to the lower 48
  15. Xilica Solaro FR1 DSP 2019 like new in original box This is their flagship DSP (more flexible and powerful than the XP or XD) Bought new in 2019, mounted in an AV rack but never wired up or programmed... This is a modular design as far as input and output points. Comes with the following I/O cards (5) PC-2ML-I Audio input cards (10 total channels) (9) PC-2L-O Audio output cards (18 total channels) New was over $2500 $1000 shipped to the lower 48
  16. Like new in the original box with all cables. Only used a few times. $55 shipped to the lower 48.
  17. I have a pair of JC’s, Justin Webber’s (Amps & Sound) and Dave Harris’ (Fastlane Audio) Minipunch speakers. Bass bin is JC’s Minipunch design with dual Eminence Delta-12FLA drivers Mid horn is Fastlane’s Eliptrac with B&C DE750 drivers Tweeter is Fastlane’s horn with B&C DE10 driver. Crossover is custom ALK/Justin Webber design. I believe it’s second order with 450 or 500/6000 Hz crossover points. wiring is 12 gauge stranded Cabinets are 27” wide x 20” deep x 43” tall, weigh over 150 lbs each, ported (3”) and the ports can be plugged using Oatey 3” compression plugs if you prefer sealed. The cabinets are built like tanks and the craftsmanship is second to none. Anyone who has experience with Justin’s speakers can attest. The cabinets are raw and need a finish. They are fully functional, sound incredible, better than La Scala’s / Belles / Cornwall’s. Hit harder, dig deeper, sound clearer… $2000 located in San Jose CA Not sure what they weigh but probably over 150 lbs each. Shipping won’t be cheap but I’ll work with someone if need be. I’m moving out of the country, otherwise I would not be selling them! I have more pictures of better quality I can share if serious about buying. A couple of Links to minipunch threads on this forum:
  18. Hello Cool, welcome to the forum! I’ll PM you yes they’re still available.
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