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  1. Sure if the price and condition are worthy of consideration, Yes.
  2. Think he asked how much is budgeted, I figure around 1500 for an Amp.
  3. Fronts 2 RF-7 iii, Center RC-64 iii, 2 Surrounds RP-250 S , 2 Subs R-115 SW, 2 In-ceiling Speakers came with the house believe they are Martin Logan , Denon 4400 H Sounds good am concerned may be underpowered. Was advised to get an Amplifier, looking for feedback as to what is recommended? Think I need a 5 or 7 channel amplifier with 200 per channel at 8 ohms. ( Not Sure) Feedback and comments are highly appreciated.
  4. Appreciate the suggestion and pointing me to the owners facebook page, Emotiva
  5. thank you, put in one r115sw, in place of the r112sw will add another soon
  6. update successfully returned the R112SW Sub and got the R115SW based on feedback/opinion thank you The following avr was suggested and then to bi-amp the RF7iii's ................Thoughts opinions???? Denon AVRX4400H 9.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD Network AV Receiver with HEOS black, Works with Alexa
  7. Thanks for the suggestions so far two things that stand out 1. Will move to the r-115SW sub 2. Budget is 1500 or so +,- 300 folks at crutchfield.com suggested ( I don't know if that is a good one or not?) I believe the collective wisdom of the group would be greater. Cambridge Audio Azur 851W Class XD Flagship Power Amplifier in Black 1699 by Cambridge Audio
  8. Hi Gurus, Am new to the forum and trying to put a new system together to replace one the kids helped themselves to :-). Purchased KLIPSCH Speakers as follows Fronts 2- RF-7III , Center 1-RC-64III, Rears 2-R250S, Bass- 1-R112SW ( will add another base and or surrounds matching if needed and have second area by the pool to play simple outdoor AV and music so two zones.) Looking for suggestions on what I should use to drive these, room is 45x60 ft open area kitchen, living breakfast nook. Read on-line that I should get the speakers I want and then look for suggestions for how to drive them and thats where the choices started to make less sense. Appreciate the help and suggestions. Thank you.
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