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  1. Funny, the only cars & trucks I've ever owned which never required a repair were Fords. Then again, I favor European cars so I deserve what I get, right? ETA: Yes, generally speaking Toyotas are the best. The stats don't lie.
  2. Just curious, on how many different forums have you posted this same (or similar) thread? I've seen it a few different places. How on earth do you even keep up? Ciao.
  3. FWIW, I have/had the Martin Logan Motion 15, the HTD L3s, Infinity EMITs and others (not all technically ribbons), and more than anything else I'd say the results depend on how well-damped your listening environment is and especially what sort of music you favor. I listen to a lot of acoustic piano jazz and the shimmering, evanescent effect from these tweeters can be captivating. With hard rock and even full-orchestra classical, not quite so much. There's also the matter of personal taste. In all, quite a number of variables--which is more the rule than the exception in this business.
  4. Those Skylan stands are just about the most attractive ones out there.
  5. Two spectacular Belles and.....HOW DARE YOU HAVE TWO LUXMANS!! [runs off screaming]
  6. In all seriousness, it's likely that both conductors are made of aluminum, and one is copper-plated --for identification more than anything else. ETA: I posted the chart merely to indicate that copper, silver, gold, and aluminum are actually quite close to one another in conductance.
  7. Very good point. The name recognition factor would be colossal. And young people do still go to movies, even if the movies suck.
  8. Unlikely that they will ever look pristine, especially for a $200. Tons of Heritage III models are showing up damaged.
  9. Which co-ordinates better with your other wood furniture, trim, etc?
  10. Well, it depends. In my case I listen in a very well-damped space and over 90% of my listening is to acoustic piano jazz. I actually run a sub all the time but I seldom need it. Of course when I put on Led Zeppelin (or even full-bore classical) it's another matter. The point is that situations vary, and one man's hard-and-fast rule may be another's flexible option. My compliments to the OP and his handsome speakers with natural-fabric grilles!
  11. Thanks... yes I bought some which arrived folded and had to spend some time ironing it out. Haven't met him (he's dead, right?) but for the sake of argument, using profanity in your personal life (which I'm happy to do) is quite different from disseminating it in the public sphere, or having it represent your company. If Klipsch (the company) used profanity in its marketing materials while PWK was alive (he's dead, right?) then I will happily stand corrected. Example: I'm seeing the "F" word just about everywhere nowadays. If that's progress, count me out.
  12. Do you mean braided? Or stranded?
  13. Couldn't agree more, and I see no reason to harass little lambs either. But maybe it's hot and they need a haircut? Meanwhile, I'd be happy if we could just get Klipsch to stop using profanity in their marketing materials. I can't help but imagine PWK would object to that as well. But the current owners gotta keep it realz I guess.
  14. For months I've been trying to find Klipsch Forte IIIs in any darker wood (e.g. walnut, rosewood) but with the lighter grilles such as lambswool (beige). It's no trouble finding the speakers but the beige grilles are rare as hens' teeth. So the simple solution, I figured, would be to buy walnut speakers on the aftermarket and then source the grilles from the factory. But when I've tried corresponding with Klipsch to determine availability and pricing they won't discuss it with me until and unless I can supply them with serial numbers. Advice? Look at these pages--they just reversed the image to demonstrate veneer 'bookmatching' https://www.klipsch.com/products/forte-iii https://www.klipsch.com/products/cornwall-iii-special-edition-rosewood
  15. Archguy


    Wow those look absolutely stunning. What I wouldn't give.....
  16. You guys think we have it bad? Women have to deal with "Critical Becky Studies" now. It's easy to laugh at some of this--the alternative may be to cry--but while our society is busy 'interrogating' whiteness and such, other countries such as China are actually focusing on things like science--real science--and this is why the new century will belong to them and not us. Heck, it's not hard to imagine the day when our country ends up belonging to them and not us. Sadly, we'll have earned that, in a way.
  17. The people who set the tone of our nation's cultural narratives--largely through their ownership of mass-media outlets--have decided that some people's anger is legitimate, and other people's isn't. Voltaire supposedly said: To find out who rules over you, simply consider whom you are not permitted to criticize.
  18. Are these still available? There are so many old ads on this forum.
  19. That's really decent of you! Wish I were local.
  20. 🤤 One of my ultimate dream amps...thank god it's in Vancouver so I don't have to look into mortgaging the house.
  21. LOL....but it's a white van!
  22. And the cane grilles. They make all the difference.
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