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  1. Wow, you guys are awesome! I hope this post will show up on a Google search so other people can get all this great information without endless searching. I am a average audio guy with a small to medium entertainment room. I have a older Klipsch SUB-10 that delivers great picture shaking bass. I just upgraded my equipment to a Entry Level 7.1 system. I just purchased a pair of R-15Ms after reading all the replies. I'm glad that I will be safe and enjoy great sound for years to come or until I upgrade again to a Mid Level system. Thanks again to everyone who replied! Rock on!
  2. So all this week i've been trying to find out about under powering speakers. There is a ton of info about over powering speakers but not much on the dangers or issues of under WATTing, <-- not a real word, speakers. I bought a pair of R-14Ms that fit well within my system specifications. I want to buy a pair of R-15Ms but the RMS is higher than the RMS of my AVR. Will it be OK or should I avoid purchasing these speakers and buy another set of R-14Ms? Here are the details: Small/Medium Room DENON AVR-S730H 75w - 165w MAX Klipsch R-15M 85w - 340w MAX If I can get a clear answer from a couple of you fellow Audiologists it will clear up questions about additional speakers I plan on purchasing. Thank you in advance!
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