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  1. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Schu brought up a good point. I have addressed the bounce off of the top of the speaker but had not compared different heights. I decided to take my current crude stand and insert cd cases underneath to test at various heights. Down from around 4 “ up to 6 “ from top of speaker to middle of tweeter horn. The highest setting thinned out the sound and seemed to call more attention to the tweeter. I tried different heights in 3/8” increments and settled on 5”. To me on my Cornwall that seemed to have the best balanced sound. Of course this is subjective based on listening preferences. Based on my test I would be good at a centered horn height from 4 3/4 to 5”. If one wants to increase height more footers could be placed underneath to increase the height. It would be interesting if someone else may be able to try this and compare results.
  2. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    If there is nothing to absorb the reflections this is an issue. I originally laid a towel in front and it did help to absorb a lot of this. I ended up going to guitar center and found some 12x12” absorption panels and cut one in half to 6x12 and set them in front of the speakers. That really did a great job absorbing the reflections .
  3. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Dave that looks really nice. It seems like it should be very sturdy. It looks like the horn is around 4” height. That’s what I have mine set at and there is no need for tilting. If the horn was higher that might be a different story. If one did want to tilt though they could do that with footers underneath.
  4. I Am not even sure how I could even measure 1/64😊. When my HF is aligned I can here the difference left and right of the center position as well as standing in the area behind my listening position. Of course the soundstage locks in and sounds best when sitting in the sweet spot but that is the case whether you are aligned or not. My room is Fairly small, 13x17, so there is not a lot of listening angles to choose from.
  5. The difference I am hearing does not require that you have your head in a vice. I do have a sweet spot for critical listening but the benefits of the alignment are noticeable within a reasonable area of that. The benefit in my system is a much more focused image with greater immediacy and natural sounding timbre. The difference I am hearing is not small. Some may be critical of this but my guess is they have not actually tried it. Everyone values different things in their system so to each his own.
  6. I time aligned my tweeter on top of my Cornwall and could notice a difference at 1/8" one way or the other. I did not try 1/64". I cannot explain why there was such a difference at this small of variation. The difference to me though is quite noticeable. IMHO once you have heard a Cornwall with tweeter that has been time aligned you will never go back.
  7. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    You could have screw holes predrilled in the base so that it can be used for different speakers. Example if you want to use on a Cornwall and have the base extend to the back only you can. If you want to use on a LS have a different set of predrilled holes so the base can be shifted towards the front.
  8. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    I am sure either would work although my preference would be a wood base rather than a metal one.
  9. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    I think a 6x6 piece would work. Based on where I have it time aligned on the Cornwall it would be close to the back edge but not go over
  10. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Possibly if there was small piece of wood screwed or glued to the back side to help support it so that it would not easily topple over.
  11. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Both options look good. I would be good with the cut out as in the bottom 3 pics since I already have the wood lens. That way it would fit in the same way as it would in the motorboard.
  12. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Dave that would be a great idea. Mine is currently 4 /1/2” from speaker to center of the tweeter. I am sure there would be some flexibility in height.
  13. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    My walnut lens showed up this week and they look great. I put some Watco dark walnut Danish oil on them and they match up pretty well with the speakers. I decided to set them on top of my Cornwalls and see what the effect would be of time aligning them. It was a huge difference putting everything into better focus. The walnut lens looks so good that I think it will look fine sitting on top of my speaker. I need though to come up with a better mounting solution as right now they are sitting on a couple of business card boxes.
  14. I second the Jupiter caps. I have them in my type b crossovers. I realize that they are a more expensive option but they have a very natural tonal quality. I have not heard the sonicaps but the Jupiter’s were far superior to my original oil caps.
  15. larryk

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Those look really good Dave. Looking forward to getting a pair.