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  1. And add a maratz6012 and onkyo nr787 to the list
  2. Some help please... Denon 4400 for 840 new, or a 7200 for 1199 new?
  3. Good morning everyone. I have the rf82ii and rs62ii set that I just installed in my home. Happy with my receiver I already have from many years ago however the zone 2 and front high right channels are not working so I am in need of an upgrade. I am looking at the Denon 4400 H, which I can get for $840 new with free shipping and no tax. Is there something else in the under $1000 range i should be looking at? Are there any downsides to the Denon?
  4. The RS may have just needed broken in, because they are sweet now. Unfortunately I also found out My Onkyo Zone 2 right and front high right channels dont work. Ugh. Now to decide on receivers... contemplating buying the same receiver I have used for $100 ( tx-sr608), or getting a Denon 3400 or 4400, or an Onkyo RZ720.
  5. Still a decent deal I think if he ever responds.
  6. I figured i would mount and angle the RBs... or would I be crazy to do hat route versus these rs62? I may just need to get used to the sound. Plus I will be getting a new receiver that may possibly help to. Torn Between the 3400 H or getting the Onkyo rz820
  7. Yes they were angle down & in. I can't really put those RS any lower with the setup of my home. Should I go ahead and send them back and go with the rb61
  8. I've got my new set-up all together and going... but, I'm not happy with the surrounds. I used to have simple Klipsch Quintets on the rears angled in, and I had a lot more surrund play it seemed. Should I be going with the RB61ii maybe instead of those RS62ii?
  9. They look like the original 82 s first series
  10. How about the lfe,it auto eqd at 120
  11. 2 new RF82ii fronts, RC62ii Center, RS-62ii for the surrounds. Audyssey on my old Onkyo set the the fronts at 40, the surround at 50htz. Should I up those? I do have a sub, though just a BIC F12. Also, Denon 3400h, any yeses or nos on replacing my old TX-SR608 with it for 450 refurbished and warranty? My 608 has been a rock star, BUT my Front High Right and Zone 2 Right channels are not working.... if not it, what? 500 or less.
  12. Look at the bottom of the speaker front. Thats how you can identify the ii versus not. It will be a rectangle about 6 inches high if ii
  13. If they are the ii, or are they first series?
  14. They were only used a few weeks at most. He had bought them in december got sick and passed to begin the year. Poor guy.
  15. Got them, they sounded absolutely perfect. He even had the receipt for them he had found from Fry's where they were purchased in December. There was one blemish however and it had happened it was obvious when he was moving the boxes around sometime recently. There's a small press on the cabinet on the left side front corner but in my room where it will be it will not even be seen. He knocked off some more for that so I am happy camper with them
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