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  1. Hey everyone, happy to report that the klipschorns have found a good home, to a fellow Klipsch community member-GrapplesinStereo! Thanks for the input and interest everyone. Cheers!
  2. Thanks Shakey, Just sent you a PM. NB
  3. Much appreciated wvu80-all good advice!
  4. Thanks for the great response everyone, wanted to let you all know of the new price of $1750 in case you know of anyone interested! It's going up on Craigslist and Ebay soon, but wanted to notify the community of the reduced price first. These are amazing speakers, so I hope they go to a good home. Located in Richmond, VA
  5. Thanks for the great feedback everyone!
  6. Vintage 1976 Klipschorns in very good condition for sale-$1950. KC-BR models, consecutive serial numbers, 9P489, 9P490, well maintained by current owner since 2008, 2nd owner overall. Needing to sell because current home doesn't have adequate space. Features the amazing sound that you expect from Klipschorns, all original parts, K-33 Woofer, K-55 Midrange, K-77 Tweeter, AA Crossover Network. Cabinets are in very good condition, Walnut finish on front/top, original unstained Birch in back. Mechanics recently inspected by prominent sound engineer (mentioned often in this forum) and the speakers received strong approval as is, as well as options for system updates if the next owner is interested. If interested-send PM, and I will respond as soon as I can. Located in Richmond, VA, local pick up only. New to the forum, but love what I've seen so far. Would really like these Klipschorns to go to someone who can appreciate them, so I thought I'd start here!
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