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  1. I’ve looked at those just haven’t heard many reviews. Earlier you mentioned you prefer two way speakers over three way, can I ask why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Nothing wrong at all. I’m just a building a small collection of vintage equipment and have always wanted tube gear. It’s a hobby. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. How big is the room those Cornscalas are in? I probably should have mentioned that the room my new speakers will be in is less than ideal, especially for corner placement. It measures 13.5’ wide x 17.5 deep, with a 9’ ceiling and lots of openings. If I absolutely have to have corner placement I’ll have to place them on the back wall where the couch currently is and run very long speakers wires. Ideally I need speakers that will sound good in the current speaker location. What do you guys recommend? I also have a smaller bedroom system(12.5’ x 10’ with 8’ ceiling, currently with speakers in corners), but would rather have the tube rig in the big room. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Dammit we just got back from a week in Encinitas! I knew I should have posted about the visit. Thank you for the invite though. Tell me more about your Cornscalas.
  5. I definitely am as well as many other great vintage units by Fisher, HH Scott, Heathkit, Mcintosh etc...I’m just having great difficulty choosing based on options. I need to make some local friends and hear some tube gear for myself. It’s been extremely fun just researching though. I’m just as enthralled by the aesthetics of vintage gear as the sound of quality. I’m an artist and really appreciate this stuff.
  6. I suppose the Super Heresy would be the “better “ speaker but I’d like to hear a comparison between the two. Such as the difference between the front vs rear ports, how the cabinet volume comes into play etc...
  7. Can any of you offer a comparison of Super Heresy’s to Tangent 400’s?
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and input! Please let me know if the text is still hard to read. I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had time to visit the forums much lately but I’m still on the hunt. I lucked out on a set of Heresy II drivers and crossovers for $40!!! The tweeters tested bad on a multimeter but no big deal. I think I might try building some nice custom styled tangent 400 type boxes for them or make them into Super Heresy 2.0’s. I suppose I could also just make some vanilla Heresy II’s, sell them and use the money elsewhere. This is all based on the assumption that standard H2’s won’t have the bass capabilities I’m after.
  9. Hello all, I live in Phoenix Arizona and I’m looking for any local members that would invite me to hear their tube powered high efficiency speaker systems. I’m more active on Audiokarma (username ChrisAZ) has but since I’m interested in Klipsch I’m posting here as well. I’ve made the decision to sell enough of my vintage solid state equipment and speakers to fund a tube amp and appropriate speakers but I haven’t actually heard any(🤔) so I’m hesitant to drop several grand on a gamble. Based on reviews and popular opinions I’d really love to hear any of the following... Speakers: Klipsch Cornwall Cornscalas (especially the two way D) Pi 3 or 4 Full range drivers Any DIY I could build under $2000 Amps: Fisher x202b or similar HH Scott 299c/d or similar Bob Latino st120 or similar Any DIY under $1500 Will you help? P.S. I love vintage but I’d be grateful to hear any tube systems you all have and am open to suggestions. Chris
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