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  1. Issue Identified with Klipsch R-112SW, brand new, out of the box, 1 week ago. Stored since I bought brand new. After troubleshooting for 2 days, I have successfully eliminated Klipsch hum, this looks to be due to Klipsch poor manufacturing process. The LINE and the NEUTRAL are REVERSED inside the subwoofer ,on the plate amplifier , connecting your power cord to the power supply through the D-Sub connector. The connection on the D-sub is correct, The WHITE WIRE is NEUTRAL! (N), The BLACK WIRE is LINE (L). However, Klipsch Manufacturing connected the NEUTRAL WHITE WIRE to the (L) input on the amplifier, and also connected the LINE BLACK WIRE to the (N) on plate amplifier. THIS IS INCORRECT. This is REVERSED. I corrected this, NEUTRAL WHITE WIRE to the (N), LINE BLACK WIRE to the (L), guess what, voila, no more hum!!! Use solution at your own risk. IMHO, Klipsch, Fix your manufacturing in China. Do an onsite, take a look. Correct the process. Perform a recall. Get it resolved. Thanks
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