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  1. UPDATE... Well with the help of my two college age kids I was able to convince my wife that two Fortes is better than two Heresys + two subwoofers. Along with that I listened to some Chainsmokers and Sylvan Esso last night when nobody was home to distract me and have decided I have enough subsonic bass to live with....at least for the time being. So the Forte IIIs stay! They truly are wonderful sounding and well built speakers. Now to add the MC2105 and see if everything improves! Thanks to all of you for your advice and insight. I look forward to many years as a happy Klipsch owner now.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and a first time Klipsch owner. I just bought Forte IIIs for my 2 channel main living room / listening room. After unboxing them my wifey says they are too big. I love the speakers and could probably win the argument (not sure thats wise in the long run) but frankly the Forte's lack the subsonic bass I need for some music. I listen to classic rock to jazz to hip hop and new alternative dance EDP stuff like Sylvan Esso. The Fortes are amazing for everything except the last category. I know there is no way I can get my wife to agree to a sub with the Fortes. I can get her to agree to Heresy IIIs with a small sub like a Sunfire 8". I think the Sunfire would get me the super low end bass I'm looking for. I'm using a Yamaha RXV-1000 receiver now but will soon add a McIntosh MC2105 amp to drive the speakers and use the Yamaha as the pre-amp. My question is ....is this a good approach and will I be able to crossover the sub to match up well with the Heresy IIIs? Also, is there another small sub out there I should consider with the Heresy III? Or should I fight to keep the Forte IIIs and live without the super low bass? Any help appreciated!
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