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  1. So far what I have found is that when you launch the app there are broadcast packets to This is blocked by default as this is why you create VLAN's to start with, I'm looking at ways to forward just these packets between my VLAN's on my router.
  2. I have all my Play-Fi devices on my IoT network in my home. When I need to control them I use the Amazon Echo integration (also on IoT network), but when I want to stream from my phone or change my setup my phone doesn't detect any of the Play-Fi devices as my phone is on the Home network. So I switch networks to the IoT network to do these activities. I have enabled IGMC Snooping and mDNS on my vlan's and router but that still doesn't allow discovery / communication between networks because of my Deny rule. I would like to create an Allow rule for this traffic but I cannot find anywhere on the net where the Play-Fi ports are documented. Does anyone have this information handy or has anyone done a packet capture that they can share with this information? Thanks in advance.
  3. M'kay, I'll accept that, is there a better / easier way to boost USB and Gate outputs?
  4. I have a PowerGate I have it connected to my computer via USB and I have a Gate with a audio technica LP 120 turntable attached to it. The issue I'm having is that depending on how I play music on PowerGate I get different max output volumes. ie. when playing audio from my computer via USB, I have to turn the PowerGate up to 100% and then turn the computer to to 75-80% to get a decent sound with the speakers. When I use the Gate and create a bridge and play a record it's the same way, I have to turn up the Gate to 100% and the PowerGate to 60-70% to get a decent sound with the speakers. However when I use the Klipsch Stream app and stream music from Amazon, Deezer or other I can't set the volume any higher than 25-30% and stay in the room because it's to loud. If I turn it up to the same 60-70% I wouldn't be able to be in the same room as the system because it would be overpowering. Why does the PowerGate have different levels for the different input sources? Is there a way to fix it or is there a setting I'm overlooking?
  5. I have a couple powergate's in my home and a RSB-11, I have all of them configured on my UNtrusted network. My phone and computers are on my trusted network, the problem I'm having is that when I launch Klipsch Stream when my phone is on the trusted network it does not find any of my powergate or my RSB-11. However, when I move my phone to the UNtrusted network it finds everything immediately. I have enabled mDNS forwarding and IGMP Proxy between the two networks and I have disabled all firewall rules between the two networks. Are there additional ports or protocols that I need enable / explicitly forward between these networks? Thanks.
  6. I'm planning on remodeling my pool are and want to use a pair of AWR-650-SM in serial with a pair of AW -650's all connected to my Power gate. ie. 1 awr and 1 aw per channel Will this work well or am I asking for trouble? Thanks.
  7. I have a new powergate, I've set it up and have it working on my network. When I launch the app on my phone I get a message that there's an update available, I followed the procedure to put the powergate into update mode by unplugging and plugging back in while holding the power button for 5 seconds as shown in the video but my the Klipsch utility never finds my powergate. I've tried this with the powergate on wifi and on a wired network with the same results. Any ideas or recommendations?
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