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  1. No affiliation https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649762185-edgar-horn-speakers-signature-field-coils/images/3385146/
  2. The going rate for La Scalas has definitely been trending upwards. I have been watching for a pair locally for a while now and anything nice tends to be priced 2k or more. Hard to tell from just a couple pics but yours appear below average cosmetically, which really does matter.
  3. OMG those Khorns are so sweet looking! Pretty rare to see these kind of offerings available.
  4. You might want to specify the NOS offerings as they will be highly coveted.
  5. Animals are so much better than humans. they don't lie, connive or destroy for the sake of destruction. They are simply true to their nature. I lost my best friend the day after Christmas 2018 and still have not gotten over it, so I empathize with your loss. It seems you have been blessed with some special companions, so revel in their presence while you can.
  6. makos

    Happy B-day Bob Dylan

    He may not have been blessed with the most mellifluous voice but he could sure turn a phrase. His music is simple and pure and speaks to ones soul. I'm guessing his compositions have been covered by more great musicians than any other contemporary songwriter. I'll share one of my favorites:
  7. To a great American treasure on his 80th birthday. Your music and your artistry have greatly enriched my life. Thank you! Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!
  8. Looks like a good deal for someone. If I was in the market for an HT amp I'd be all over this. People tend to hold on to these so you don't see them on the used market very often.
  9. " I came across these old speakers recently and want to know what they are worth or more information about them." " They are an entry level example of the highly prized Klipsch Heritage line of speakers which are highly acclaimed for good reason. Assuming no grills or risers, 350.00 seems like a fair value estimate considering cabinet condition.
  10. makos


    Due to the negative effects on our planet I have been trying to limit my consumption of beef for some time now. Nearly 15% of greenhouse gas emissions globally come from livestock, with the vast majority of those traced back to beef specifically, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Cows are 20 times less efficient to raise than beans and roughly three times less efficient than poultry and pork. https://www.npr.org/2021/04/27/991247520/epicurious-ditches-beef-in-a-move-it-calls-pro-planet I love the taste of beef and find synthetic substitutes to be completely unsatisfying. I opt for ground turkey or chicken for the most part. I try to keep my diet as plant based as I can because I think its healthier and more earth friendly but there is no way I could ever go vegan.
  11. I can't believe these have not sold yet. If I didn't already have way too many speakers I would be all over them, and the temptation is driving me nuts. Love those cane grills!
  12. The link for the Dynaco MKiis is not working on my end.
  13. Some great productions on that list. When I audition audio equipment my "go to" CDs are DSOTM (of course), Cowboy Junkies: Trinity sessions, Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny's Beyond the Missouri Sky, and sometimes I'll add Aja or Rumours depending on my mood. For in home Demos I turn to my vinyl collection and selections can be all over the place depending upon what my focus is but Abbey Road and DSOTM are always included.
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