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  1. Got vaxxed a couple days ago. Very simple and painless procedure. In and out in 20 minutes. It was the Pfizer so they booked my second shot in the same visit. Only symptoms were fatigue/grogginess. Got 10 hours of sleep that night and still felt like I was sleep walking the next day. I am so ready to get this stupid pandemic behind us!
  2. That price seems a little steep to me. I got mine for 350 and they were walnut and much nicer cosmetically. Prices have gone up since then and local market does make a difference.
  3. Congratulations to the buyer as well. Not very often that an amp like that is available!
  4. Those are 2 really nice offerings Joe. I find myself drooling over your stuff on a regular basis. Would be hard pressed to choose between the two but would lean toward the Cochrane amp because of its uniqueness. It reminds me of one of his "cake pan" builds.
  5. 3k seems high for that age. La Scala are in pretty hi demand but personally I would not go beyond 1500- 2000 depending on condition and upgrades if any. The market you are in can have an effect as well as shipping is problematic.
  6. I would ask for more pictures and full background before considering an offer. In the single pic they appear clean, but for that price he must be looking for a seriously motivated buyer.
  7. makos

    Primaluna for sale

    Link is not working for me.
  8. Can't believe someone hasn't grabbed these yet!
  9. This model is a classic. Good deal for someone. Wish I lived closer. GLWS
  10. Anchovies: yes... pineapple: no way. Sweet and savory not my thing.
  11. If they sound as good as they look, a bargain at that price. GLWS
  12. Great rack for someone. I have been using one for several years and have found it to be highly functional and versatile.
  13. The woofers look a little rough in your pictures, compared to the overall cosmetics. You might want to take better pictures or clarify any issues they may have. GLWS
  14. Love those cane grills. I hope they end up with someone on this forum.
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