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  1. No affiliation ... https://raleigh.craigslist.org/ele/d/winston-salem-1976-klipschorns-all/6792942161.html
  2. I hope things improve soon for you and your loved ones ... she sounds like a cool Lady.
  3. In case anyone is interested ... no affiliation. https://raleigh.craigslist.org/ele/d/5-piece-set-of-super-hi-end/6759942831.html
  4. makos


    Somebody please buy this before I do! I'm not big into digital, but this piece excels at integration. Hard to resist.
  5. https://eastnc.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-speakers/6750111908.html Saw these on CL, look to be in good shape and reasonably priced ... no affiliation.
  6. Just curious. Is 1400 plus meant to be the number of discs or the price. Obviously its price just not sure about the number of CDs.
  7. Have no idea if this is a good deal or not. No affiliation just an FYI. https://raleigh.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klipschorn-corner/6739700891.html
  8. In his defense, he did open it up to offers. If one were to offer him his auction price minus all the associated fees ... people cancel their auctions all the time.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Chorus-II-speakers/202488328943?hash=item2f253eb2ef:g:dXwAAOSwRhFb2oDj:rk:1:pf:0 Assuming these are yours, they look very nice.
  10. I have had mine for 2 plus years and its a great phone. Google-fi is the way to go. Works great for calls and data over wi-fi. Only time I had to use cellular data was when hurricane took power out for a week.
  11. Start a for sale thread in garage sale forum for best results. A link to your CL listing would be helpful.
  12. They may well be "leagues" apart but they have similar low end limitations. If you have found subs works for you that's awesome. For music, I have found, that a full range speaker sounds better to my ears. Maybe its just psychological ... who knows. Just sharing my thoughts.
  13. My advice is that it depends upon personal listening preferences and environment. I own a pair of original Heresys and purchased Chorus IIs because because I was unhappy listening to music with a sub. I am a big fan of subs for HT ... for music not so much. Love my CHIIs but they can be a placement headache. Still searching for the perfect positioning which both sounds good and doesn't make my living room unlivable.
  14. Grab that Fisher too, if its available, while you're at it. Make for some great synergy there in the right room.
  15. Finally able to catch my breath so thought I do a quick post. House suffered no structural damage. Got lucky and all the big limbs that came down fell away from the house. Neighbors not so lucky. Trees down all over our area and no one I know has power other than generators. We have full emergency generator power where I work and I have been putting in full days since Sat. Probably won't have power at home for several more days and it's gonna take weeks to clean up my back yard. All in all feel pretty lucky. River is supposed to crest on Thurs. so still have that to worry about.
  16. Finished up my preparations for the storm. All electronics and vinyl collection bagged in plastic and everything that I had a box for boxed as well. I just remembered that I forgot the most important supply for riding out a storm ... alcohol! Might just take a drive but I doubt anyone is still open. Been pretty calm so far occasional gusts starting up. The worst of it is supposed to be early tomorrow through tomorrow night. I expect the power to go out tonight as they usually shut the grid down when gusts reach hurricane strength just as a precaution. Stay safe everyone and Good luck!
  17. Talk about irony. The 11 PM update downgrades Florence to a cat 2, but tracks it right over my location. I can't wait for this storm to GO AWAY.
  18. That's comforting to hear. I think their help will be greatly needed. Florence seems determined to hit Wilmington. We might get lucky if she stalls out and weakens significantly. Even then the flooding is likely to be massive.
  19. Yup, that's what I'm using. At work we call them "body Bags". Don't mean to be morbid, but I consider them to be lifesavers. My Chorus IIs fit with room to spare.
  20. I'm in the Echo Farms area. I think it would take a Hazel type surge before my house would flood, but I have 2 very old oak trees, which I love, but will be total liabilities if a major storm hits. I hope to have all my electronics and my vinyl sealed in plastic when the storm hits, but work obligations are preventing me from doing as much preparation as I would like. Best wishes for a safe outcome to everyone dealing with this storm.
  21. I'm in Wilmington as well. Been through all those storms except Hazel. 3-4 days out its still a crap shoot. I remember Floyd was a cat 5 going through the Bahamas and everyone was predicting total annihilation. Sucked up some cold air and turned into mainly a rain event for Wilmington. Fran took out basically every older beachfront house on Pleasure Island and a lot more on Topsail and Fran was only a low 3- hi 2 storm as I recall. Taking the northern eye-wall of a 4-5 will be like facing Armageddon. This one scares me. Probably have until Wednesday to decide what to do.
  22. I asked Bob Crites and he said that he does not build them for Chorus IIs.
  23. Those are gorgeous, just not in my budget. I need to reserve my large expenditures for things of high sonic importance. Every once in a while L19s are available at reasonable prices.
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