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  1. 7 hours ago, Tarheel said:

    What part of town makos?  I'm either in Windward Oaks or Leeward Lane off Greenville Loop depending on where I choose to ride it out.


    I'm in the Echo Farms area. I think it would take a Hazel type surge before my house would flood, but I have 2 very old oak trees, which I love, but will be total liabilities if a major storm hits.


     I hope to have all my electronics  and my vinyl sealed in plastic when the storm hits, but work obligations are preventing me from doing as much preparation as I would like. 


    Best wishes for a safe outcome to everyone dealing with this storm. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Tarheel said:



    I'm in Wilmington as well. Been through all those storms except Hazel. 3-4 days out its still a crap shoot. I remember Floyd was a cat 5 going through the Bahamas and everyone was predicting total annihilation. Sucked up some cold air and turned into mainly a rain event for Wilmington. Fran took out basically every older beachfront house on Pleasure Island and a lot more on Topsail and Fran was only a low 3- hi 2 storm as I recall. Taking the northern eye-wall of a 4-5 will be like facing Armageddon.


    This one scares me. Probably have until Wednesday to decide what to do. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, mungkiman said:

    I remember reading that thread when I was researching my Chorus II purchase. Those are some gorgeous looking risers. Did you notice any improvement in performance after installing them?

    I just purchased a spruce 8'x4"x4" from Lowes. Gonna make a couple quick and dirty 3.5" platforms to see what effect it has. I have read that some prefer  an 8 to 12" stand for their Choruses so I am gonna play around a bit before deciding exactly how I will construct mine.


  4. My recently purchased Chorus IIs came without risers. I believe the risers on originals will work on IIs as well (if I am mistaken please enlighten me). Speakers sound perfectly fine without them but I figure they came stock with them for a reason. Also looking for a McIntosh L19 cabinet if anyone happens to have a line on one. Not willing to pay the 3-400.00 they are asking for them on fleabay.



  5. 22 minutes ago, mungkiman said:

    Styrofoam sliding on the rubber mat, or speakers sliding on the Styrofoam.....?


    If you don't strap them down, at least put them up against the cab. You can control how quickly you accelerate and turn, but not necessarily how hard you might have to brake.



    Mat is spongy and highly textured, nothing heavy has ever moved an inch during transport, but I don't think I have ever had to slam on my brakes either. Good point about the styro though.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, USNRET said:

    I would like to hear more on the vertical vs flat on back / front and voice coil magnet knowing that disassembly would be best.


    Me too! Is disassembly as simple as removing screws and disconnecting a few leads? If so probably worth the effort.

  7. 12 minutes ago, USNRET said:

    Besides the above I will mention RAIN again.
    On the way to this year's meet in Hope I transported a pair of speakers that had been sold to a forum member. ZERO rain forecast. I had them wrapped in plastic wrap, moving blankets, strapped, tied...they weren't moving.
    I got to my Mom's place about 2 hours from Hope to hang out. Should I take the trouble to undo all that and put in garage? Check weather...zero rain; not worth the work. Bottom line it rained, water collected in truck bed and ruined the speakers.
    Forum buyer didn't get what he wanted and I gave them away to someone else (buyer had first right of freebies)


    Sorry to hear about your misfortune! My tonneau cover keeps out almost all moisture even after torrential rains and I still plan to put them in large heavy plastics bags before transport.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Shiva said:

    Do you have a spare mattress or a blow up one to throw in the back.  Make sure they ride on some nice cush for the journey. How many sheets of styrofoam do you have? Also, bumps tend to be lessened when driving at speed, so keep your foot on the gas.   :emotion-21:


    Don't have a spare mattress, but have access to pretty much all the styrofoam I need. We stockpile it at my workplace for recycling, so it won't be missed. How much do you think is needed?

  9. 10 minutes ago, Brac said:

    I usually place them face to face with a blanket between cover all sides with blankets and strap down securely, just a bit of wiggle for 6 hours would leave big deep marks



    I could be wrong, but I think I have read somewhere that it's best to have the weight of the speaker magnets being borne by the mounts during transport. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

  10. 9 minutes ago, windashine said:

    Is rain in the forecast - that is, any fronts moving through and crossing your itinerary - hint = tarp


    Not currently, but, in the Mid-Atlantic in summer rain is always possible. My bed has a fold down cover that keeps out 99% of rain and I plan to have some heavy duty plastic yard waste bags on hand just in case. 

  11. I will be driving 6 hrs each way to pick up a pair of Chorus IIs, and want to make sure they arrive home unscathed. They do not have boxes and will be riding in the back of my 10 year old Tacoma pick-up with lousy shocks and thus subject to infinite bumps and vibration.


    I have transported speakers before, but never this far and speakers this heavy. My current thinking is to wrap them in moving blankets and sit them face down on some 1" thick Styrofoam insulation sheets.


    Is there anything else? My truck's bed does have a rubberized mat, so sliding around will not be an issue.


    Thanks ... Mike

  12. A lot depends on local market/demand. I got my H1s for 300 less than a year ago. The were near mint oiled walnut but without grills. The paint and missing badges are 2 knocks on them just in terms of aesthetics. 500 might be good price for H2s but serials correspond to H1s. The average price for H1s seems to be around 400, so 300 might be a good place to start.

  13. Too bad we live on opposite coasts as I would love to have them. Been looking for a pair of Fortes or Choruses for awhile now. Those are pretty as can be.


    Why is it all the good ones seem to be 3000 miles away?

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