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  1. NiceSystem

    Wanted: SVS sub(s)

    https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/anaheim-new-svs-pbwatt-powered-subwoofer/6782615194.html This is 5 miles away from...... If you want it, maybe we can work something out. let me know
  2. Up for grabs, and in excellent condition. fully working without any issues. RF-35 Black $360.00 RC-25 Black $100.00 RS-35 Black $200.00 RW-12 Black $200.00 Im Located in South Orange County....... 92614
  3. There are RF-7 Custom Boxes on Ebay right..... Those are made for the RF-7.... Soild boxes. Not to far away from you. Those came from CA....... shipped to Michgan, and arrived in Mint new condition.... Would recommend them to you
  4. This is the same guy that sold these speakers about 3-4 months ago....... He had the full set. HMMMM what happened ?
  5. NiceSystem

    KG3 Floorstanding Speakers Wanted Near Ohio

    if you are still looking for a pair of KG-3 There is a pair very close to me in Ca, here is the link to see them...... Let me know......We can work something out for shippimh if you want them. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-kg3-speakers/6761847937.html
  6. NiceSystem

    Dang. These DC area Cornwalls are Pretty.

    Those are Cornwall II 1970-1972 with vertical horns
  7. NiceSystem

    Chorus II $975.00

    Not Afll..... Just saw these https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/ele/d/klipsch-chorus-ii/6740501770.html Chorus II
  8. Yes you have read this right, The Klipsch RSW-15 Black, It the in Perfect condition, with the grill Might be a mark on it some where, grill is perfect no damage. I'm sell for my Ex-Boss, He lives in Villa Park Ca, Or I can bring it to my home in Lake Forest $800.00 for it !!!!! THIS HAS BEEN SOLD ALREADY !!!!!
  9. Im selling these for my Ex-Boss They will come with the original boxes, Packing, soft cloth that covers the speakers. Klipsch WS-24 Surround Klipsch WC-24 Center Both speakers are a beautiful Espresso Color. Price for the set $360.00 ITEMS ARE SOLD !!!!
  10. NiceSystem

    FS VF-36 VC-25 VS-25 SOLD SOLD !!!

    I'm selling these for my Ex-Boss that I used to work for. Everthing is black, and in excellent to mint condition. Klipsch VF-36 Towers Klipsch VC-25 Center Klipsch VS-25 Surrounds He wants $500.00 for the set. Speakers are located in Villa Park Ca I can pick them up and bring to my home in Lake Forest.
  11. NiceSystem

    La Scalas San Rafael California

    the second photo, has some writing across it...... look closely
  12. NiceSystem

    La Scalas San Rafael California

    those ae photos off Google
  13. NiceSystem

    Custom RSW15

    Agree, That is a great looking sub. Awesome price....... Someone is getting a great deal.
  14. NiceSystem

    Monster MPA 5150 Brand New !

    I thought this was a placing for sharing, and pass alone the item found to others that don't have the forum So the item can reach more people.
  15. NiceSystem

    Monster MPA 5150 Brand New !

    Wow, Everyone has a option on it, I just posted it to share, Because I found it online for sale..... I think the guy has a great piece. Maybe there are other amps out there for same or even less money. But you have to take in conceration Used over New........ You never know, what someone has done to there amp, how they used it etc etc Beening the amp is Brand new never used. I see it at a good deal. Question : Has anyone even contacted the person selling it ?