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  1. NiceSystem

    Epic CF3s near San Diego

    He is a flipper, he just bought those for $450.00 They are CF-3 Look at the other items for sale, he has over 40 listings
  2. NiceSystem

    RF-7 Full System in Ca

    I just saw them, I am not the one selling them
  3. NiceSystem

    RF-7 Full System in Ca

    Not affiliated with, looks like a complete system, with extras https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/audiophile-dream-system/6740001470.html
  4. NiceSystem

    RS-7 in Chicago

    They don't look that great, the grills are very dirty looking ( black ) plus there is a serious crack in 1 of them. no wonder why they are priced the way they are.....
  5. NiceSystem


    I hope he is willing to ship, PM sent no reply all day
  6. NiceSystem

    kLIPSCH CF-3 $450.00

    jUST SAW THESE WOW !!!! Klipsch CF-3 $450.00 https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cf3/6739313094.html contact name: Felipe call or text: ☎ (702) 689-5711
  7. NiceSystem

    WTB MP3 Music Files

    email files ? There is way to many GB or TB to email. I working with 3 people now, that are willing to give more then 3TB of music ..... All Types, Once I have...... I will be willing to share with anyone, just send me a drive and I'll make a copy of it.
  8. NiceSystem

    WTB MP3 Music Files

    Zeus121996....... I not paying for MP3 Music, there are to many Klipsch Fans out there, and nice people. that i have already talked with via phone, they are willing to give me much more then I need . about 3TB worth of music. Thank you all for the PM's you sent, I can'y wait to get this massive colection.
  9. NiceSystem

    WTB MP3 Music Files

    WOW WOW WOW Thank you all so much, for replying to me......I think There are enough people on here to get what im looking for and much more......I will be reaching out to the ones that sent me a PM Again, Thank you all.
  10. NiceSystem

    WTB MP3 Music Files

    Huge 70,80's,90 fan, Country also...... Westcoastdrums is a awesome guy. Thanks Anyone that has it please let me know.
  11. NiceSystem

    WTB MP3 Music Files

    Hello, I would like to find about 100gb or more MP3 Music. I like all types, Country,rock, rap,dance, metal,eletronic. I will mail you a external hard drive, load it up, and mail it back to me. I lost all my music last week, laptop broke ( feel in the pool ) Let me know what you have.
  12. NiceSystem

    FS Klipsch THX Price Lowered!!

    I think you are missing some pieces to the system. Where are the Dual sub-Woofers, amplifier do you have them ?
  13. NiceSystem

    Klipsch RF-5 & RB-3 Maple

    Just saw these, RF-5 Maple & RB-3 Maple https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-rf-5-maple-towers/6733172188.html
  14. NiceSystem

    RSW-15 South OC

    Well, I don't see any other for sale. plus being in New condition, box and all. Pretty sure someone grabbed it. Again the last ones sold were in Florida 4 of them, $850 each.......... so for $1,000 for a pretty much new one. well worth it to me
  15. NiceSystem

    RSW-15 South OC

    anyone buy this ? the listing was removed