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  1. Selling my Academy https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ele/d/seattle-klipsch-academy-center-speaker/7161801850.html All parts are original and the speaker works great If you are interested, please reply to the CL post and let me know that you came from this forum.
  2. Thanks guys. That makes total sense! Btw, I always wanted to make a diy sub
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a sub to compliment my Forte II and Heresy II set of speakers. I have an opportunity to get SW15 for $300. The issue is that I cannot leasten to it with my speakers... I couldn't find specs for SW15, but found for SW15 II: Amplifier: 200 watts continuous into 4 ohms Frequency response: 27-120+-3dB Max output: 110 dB Weight: 82 lbs Lets assume, SW15 has the same parameters. Based on pure specs, it looks like R-110SW is better sub and new one is $440 now. So I'm not sure that 30 years old SW15 worth $300... What do you guys think?
  4. Btw, what is the fair price for SW15?
  5. I've got Heresy II this weekend and they sound good with my Forte II. Now it is time for sub! Any recommendations? I found a couple of SW12 and SW15 on the market (not r-xxxSW series, but those from 90's) Not sure if they are great the right choice - a lot of power, but seems pretty high "lows". Should I consider r-112sw / r-115sw?
  6. I see some guys are selling single Academy for $200 on this forum, but they are in different states.
  7. Thanks for replies! Yeah, Forte II and Heresy II have no speakers in common. Here is the difference between tweeters: I don't have a sub yet, but I'm willing to buy one. Not sure about the model yet... As for the Academy. I want to buy one for center channel for sure but did not think about rears to be Academy. This is a really good idea! However, they are hard to find...
  8. Thanks for the replies! As for Academy I considered it for center, but not for surrounds. But this is a good point! However it's hard to find them...
  9. Yeah, I found a seller who wants $450 for a pair in a good shape. The finish matches my Fortes as well.
  10. Btw, what is the fair market price for Heresy II?
  11. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I managed to get a pair of Forte II recently and looking for a matching pair for surround home theater (movies is the priority). I have a chance to get a pair of Heresy for a decent price. I know that only tweeters are the same and other stuff is different. What do you guys think about this combo? Thanks for the advice.
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