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  1. Dean, are you still refreshing crossovers? Can't seem to ask you via messages on here.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I've got a strange set up and room, so was hoping to just place the amp on top of one of the speakers and would like an integrated vs. separate full size pre/pro components. I may just have to try something and see how it goes.
  3. Mostly rock and roll, electronic and some jazz. No classical. No TV/movies really.
  4. Sorry if this is asked frequently. Looking for a nice tube, hybrid or class A ss amp for my Chorus II, preferably with good DAC (not required), under $1k. I've got Klipschorns at my other house and love a high quality tube amp with them, but I have read that Chorus II prefer a lot more power to drive those big stiff woofers since they don't have the benefit of the folded horn like the KHs. Anyway, here's where I'm leaning toward, but haven't heard any of them (prices are for new or used, depending what I'm seeing out there). Thoughts, experiences?? ELAC EA CAMBRIDGE CXA60 REGA BRIO NAD C368 - class D VINCENT SV200 hybrid tube MUSICAL FIDELITY A100, A3.2 or A5 - class A (the A100 can be had for close to $500) SCHIIT AEGIR - class A - $800 ROGUE AUDIO SPHINX v2 - hybrid tube/SS
  5. I have a stock set of Cornwall IIs, and I'm headed to Louisville this weekend and might be able to squeeze them in with my LaScalas that I am probably selling to my uncle. $900. Link to my CL ad: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-iis/6676447225.html
  6. Nice set of original, unmolested Cornwall IIs with the optional risers, even the original owner’s receipt and a Klipsch brochure from back in the day. $900 for the pair. More photos available on request.
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