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  1. 11 hours ago, dethbysexy said:

    New firmware dated 7/31. Appears to be a major release as it required resetting my Office speakers to default.




    Yeah, I loaded it up about a week ago, it pushed new firmware to each speaker.  Took about 15 min to finish on a 5.2 setup.  Everything is working good, although I hadn’t really had any issues since the last firmware release.

  2. On 1/4/2019 at 9:15 AM, triller said:




    It appears that there are at least some new speakers coming.  The brochure doesn't suggest there is a new control hub though.  If the wisa integration on the 2019 LG tvs allows me to drop the control hub entirely I'll be considering upgrading.


    Interesting, at least we’re seeing new WISA products from Klipsch.  Maybe 2020 will bring an updated hub.

  3. Updated the firmware for the HD Wireless system, mine is a 5.2 setup, the update went smoothly.  No changes to any menu items, and the system still sounds great.  Tried plugging my PS4 Pro into HDMI 1, it still doesn’t support full bandwidth UHD functionality.  I guess time will tell if it’s more stable with regard to speakers dropping.

  4. On 8/20/2018 at 8:27 PM, dethbysexy said:

    I've been having a spate of disconnects from the speakers averaging one disconnect after every other viewing lately. Last night two went out at the same time during a program. That was it, I ordered the Axiim. I just reread that review and just saw that it has an app too. Awesome, I downloaded it already. I can't wait!


    I’ve been contemplating getting the Axiim Q UHD myself.  Every couple weeks I have an issue with a speaker dropping from the RP-Hub1.  Sometimes it’s easy to add it back, other times I have to reset the whole system.  This has been going on nearly two years now.  I gave up on the idea of support after they said I needed to ship the system back to them for testing.  


    I find it hard to believe Klipsch isn’t going to at least release an updated version of the RP-Hub1 with HDMI 2.0b compliant ports that would allow HDR/DV pass-through.  I’m having to daisy chain my PS4 Pro through the input on my Oppo UDP-203, then split the video to the TV and the LPCM audio to the RP-Hub1.  I’m thankful that the Oppo allows me that solution to get both optimal UHD video and uncompressed surround sound.  But the fact that Klipsch advertised the HD Wireless system as a “future-proof” solution borders on fraud at this point.

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