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  1. Thanks again for the help youthman! It was your reviews and thoughts that really drove home my decision to go with the III. I see a lot of reviews showing speaker plots etc and didn’t know if there was a more scientific method to the madness based on a microphone or just run the speaker auto calibrations and tweak to your liking. Edit: unfortunate my room setup/ how I have the speaker ports routed through the wall won’t let me put them in the exact left and right positioning. I think I’m sitting around 11 feet away with the speakers closer to 16 feet apart. Left speaker is s touch farther away from listener than right and love seat blocks some of the sound. Not ideal I know but it’s a functional living room more than just a home theater. Despite me trying the wife really likes the added seating space
  2. Hey guys first off thanks to those who supported me and helped my decide on a set of rf-7iii towers and rc-64iii center. Unfortunately I can’t afford to upgrade my receiver (Sony dn1060) or my surrounds (Polk rtia A3) or my sub (Polk 505) . I’ve been doing a lot of reading and I hear that the rf7 speakers are very touchy with distance from the wall. I’m not sure I have developed an ear for proper positioning so I am looking for help. My room is 20WX16deep vaulted ceiling starting at 10’ and cloning to around 16ish feet. Wood floors with a large area rug. What is the best way to ensure I position/optimize my purchase? Any ideas?
  3. I wanted to thank everyone for all of your help. I am now the proud owner of a pair of RF7III speakers. I’m sure I will be back on here to learn the ins and outs of speaker placement etc. I’ve got a lot of reading to do while they are in route.
  4. Yeah just noticed also with the coupon it makes much more sense. I wish I knew that the guy sold the rf73s for sure. He said he would tell me by 5:30 if they were mine or the other guy came. Ive gotten a couple different opinions but what’s your opinion on the rf7iii vs the rf7ii?
  5. Oh heck no not unless they are trashed or stolen haha. When I saw that one deal for 2k including center for the III the money would of jumped out of my account. That said if I find a pair of 3s in the 1800-2k range I would buy that over the rf7iii at 1300 is All I meant of course i get a 15% off max of $100 coupon in my email for eBay just as I say this haha. Maybe it’s a sign...
  6. Thanks Tim I’ve seen that. At the time I was waiting for a reply from the guy in Illinois so I ended up missing the first round. Not sure if another bath has is coming or not. It adds tax in SC though which stinks. Ends up at almost 1320 or something like that which is still a decent deal but at that price if I stumble across the III might as well add a little and buy that no?
  7. Ended up reaching out to the guy shortly after posting this and they are spoken for. I’m next in line but given the fact the first guy has committed and confirmed I highly doubt it will make it to me.
  8. Yes not easy to find. One guy in Illinois has a set and I offered to buy them but apparently I am second in line. First in line is 99.9% likely to buy them so prob won’t get them.
  9. South Carolina. Willing to travel reasonably.
  10. Looking for s good used set of rf7ii or III speakers. Let me know what you have or can find please as I am striking out.
  11. That would solve all my problems haha I would buy that in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I’m in SC and that’s quite the drive to pick up. I’ve sent @MetropolisLakeOutfitters A message but haven’t heard back maybe when I do he has some scratch and dent or something that makes it affordable.
  12. Youthman you seem to be king of Klipsch reviews. I have watched just about every video you have put out on the speakers. While you have stated you prefer the sound of the rf7iii I keep seeing open box rf7ii for a good price on eBay sub $1200 for a pair and while I am tempted to save up another paycheck or two and get the III I’m finding it really hard not to pull the trigger. If you had to start over and budget was a factor would you go for the III over the II at current pricing? Also as much as I want to hear a difference between the rf7ii and III with my current setup I just can’t tell much difference. I hear the change is sound from the I to II for sure. Since I do not have the option to demo I am trusting fellow owners and forum members!
  13. Hey guy new to the forum but long time member on others. I’ve been doing a ton of research in preparation for my first and last for a long time high end speaker purchase. I would like this to be a one and done ultimate audio but at a resonable price. I realize based on the title most everyone will likely say RF73 but unless I find for a super sweet deal it may be a little out of my price range even used. So I ask the question if those are the reference point how far off are the RF7 II and other listed in terms of clarity accuracy and overall musical/vocal ability. I also plan to buy the matching center speaker for a high end lrc system to build upon. Would love some advice from all the users here.
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