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  1. I am going to get something with a little more power since I am getting new speakers. I’m asking $725 and I have all the parts it came with. It is only 3 months old and has not had a tone of usage on it! Make an offer! I can send pictures upon request. The ones I have are too large in file size to upload. Listed below are the specifications. The AVR-X4400H features a sophisticated power amplifier section with all 9 channels configured identically, employing discrete high current capable power transistors. Each channel is rated at 125 watts per channel (8 ohms, THD0.05%, 20Hz~20kHz), and all channels are able to safely drive lower impedance speakers (down to 4 ohms). There’s also an Auto Eco mode that adjusts the maximum power available according to the volume level as well as an on-screen Eco meter that lets you see the power consumption reduction in real time. Ready For The Future Of Home Cinema The AVR-X4400H’s advanced video section is fully compatible with the latest HDMI and HDCP 2.2 specifications and prepared for any 4K Ultra HD source. High Dynamic Range (HDR), Dolby Vision compatibility, Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) are at hand as well. You can also enjoy ultra-high-definition pictures from legacy analog and digital sources. The Heart Of Your Wireless Network Every sound, all your music, controlled effortlessly. Full wireless connectivity is provided via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Apple Airplay 2 is supported. The built-in HEOS technology allows the AVR-X4400H to become the app-controlled heart of a whole-house wireless multi-room sound network.
  2. I am in Louisville KY, I’d love any help I could get!
  3. Haha no kidding! I’ve been messing around with but I just got the rears mounted and I’m going to hook them up today and re-do the Audssey setup
  4. What is the crossover and where would I find that in the settings?
  5. The room isn’t large, it opens up in the back. Seating is about 5ft away
  6. Hello, I just set set up my first ever home theatre system. I ended up purchasing the Denon AVRX4400H to power the speakers that I bought. I got everything hooked up this past weekend and it seems like I have to turn up to 75-80% volume for it to be somewhat loud. Would there be a reason I have to turn it up so much? Is that expected? I was expecting a little more boom with a little less effort. The speaker set up is listed below. 504c 2 RP-260F 2 RP- 160M—Haven’t even hooked up yet, waiting on mounts 2 R-112SW
  7. I know they are trying to help, the reason I’m asking why they recommend those is to understand why they are good. Does one sound better than the other? Is one better for movies? Etc etc
  8. Why would y’all recommend those?
  9. Yea mostly, sports, movies and gaming
  10. Hello! I am still on on the hunt for the best receiver for the Klipsch speakers I am in the process of purchasing. 504c 2 RP-260F 2 RP- 160M 2 R-112SW What are your top 3 receiver brands or models and why?
  11. I am going to use the bookshelf speakers as my rear speakers in a 5.2 set up. Should I mount them on a wall or a speaker stand? Where should I mount them in the rear? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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