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  1. I am very happy with the sound of this amp. I was told it would generate 5 amps per channel. Which seems adequate to my ears. Not sure what i am missing out on. It would seem the only thing better would be if the musicians appeared to me...lol. before i found this i was entertaining buying the Primaluna just to hear what tubes bring to the table. I am a beginner and this forum has been real helpful in the past. Here are a couple pictures of the amp. I am mechanically inclined but not skilled in electronics. https://www.dropbox.com/s/of2nybrxa8pqzd2/IMG_1570.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rrlsjwsh0h22y2j/IMG_1573.jpg?dl=0
  2. I have a pair of 81 Klipschorns that I powered with a Yamaha AS-801. I purchased a DYI tube amp on craigslist to sample the tube sound. I like it. As with most people cost is an issue. So the Primaluna seemed like an economical solution. Any thoughts?
  3. You were correct. They did not mingle well. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the help, however i am afraid the Forte’s could not hold its own next to the Khorns. They will be relocated to another room to shine on their own. Hehe.
  5. Im gonna try. Again I don't was understand “phase”
  6. I do plan to play at same time. 20x20 is room size. Not sure about “matching”. Just an A&B channel.
  7. I just picked up a pair of Fortes (1989) to go in my office. Just had an idea to put them in the opposite room corners with my K-Horns (1981). Is that a waste?
  8. Dont know how to reply directly but thanks everyone for,your responses. I love d-tel’s life journey directions.....hehe
  9. Has anyone used Klipshorns as speakers in a wedding reception?
  10. I recently determined the Yamaha Streamer is working beteer since i hardwaired the connection the the modem. So I want to add speakers for the home office, bedroom and deck. It seems the wireless is proprietary between the streaming and the distribution. So if I keep the Yamaha product i may need to use their speakers. Did not know that when I purchased. My intent was to get high quality downloads to accommodate my new Klipschorns. I really am starting from scratch.
  11. I am very happy with the Klipschorns thanks for asking. I upgraded the crosovers and tweeters from Bob Crites. Very nice effect. Hemalso was able to confirm they were made in 1981. I posted this question in the wrong place because this is the first forum i have ever joined. Lol. I hope to get the hang of it. I hope this gets back to you.
  12. I have recently purchased a pair of 1991 Klipschorns with a Inexpensive Yamaha amplifier and Musicast streamer. I want to run speakers throughout the rest of the house. What is the best way using wireless for the new speakers?
  13. You were correct I found the on the edge of the ply. TY
  14. I promise to post a better picture. Right now I am basking in music. I can’t seam to play enough songs fast enough. Just put the system together a few hours ago.
  15. Thanks everyone I believe I will purchase the Klipschorns
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