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    Thank you very much for this extensive explanation, based on your experience. So you are sitting from ATMOS speakers (184cm) 6ft. For me, this distance is 300cm (10ft) I was going to tilt the loudspeaker backwards so that the reverb sound would reach, so I thought it would be better. However, to follow your indication, I can achieve my effect by setting a greater distance to the ceiling, because I am sitting from loudspeakers (180cm) 10ft. Question on what value was the distance to the ceiling set? I understand that the speakers have been in the same place all the time? Has Audyssey calibration been done after each change?
  2. worms1414


    Thank you for your interest in my problem. The problem is that I can not tell if I locate sounds well. I would definitely prefer to do it in a way of calculating. Is there a known angle of reflection from the ceiling of the sound? I would like to conduct such an examination at my place. People have suggested that it is 90 degrees, but I can not find such information. My overhead speakers are 5.08 ft to the ceiling, in a straight line the listening position is 9.8 ft away and I want to be sure that the reflection is correct. Should I not change the angle by positioning the RP500SA loudspeaker alone, substituting the distance under the front or rear legs?
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    I have loudspeakers from the subject and all the time I'm tormented by the question whether I have them properly configured, whether the signal reflected from the ceiling goes into the listening position. How can I check it? There is no software for these purposes? This setup does not tell me anything: https://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/dolby-atmos-speaker-setup/5-1-2-setups.html
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