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  1. As I listened to them, both samples sounded equally bad.
  2. At least 18 years so far. 8" Infinity.
  3. Thanks for taking an interest, everybody. I now have a pair of Definitive Technology bookshelf speakers upstairs, and I'm shopping for an amp. They aren't hooked up yet, but I now have a pair of KG4's in my basement TV/workout room, and I think that's kind of cool.
  4. Heck with replacing them. I'll bury the KG4's in a corner and pull them out to listen to them when I can.
  5. Willland, thanks for the welcome. I'm in eastern, rural Washington State. I have a subwoofer, a small Infinity that has been entirely adequate with the KG4's. I am going smaller. So, I'm looking at the floorstanding R-24F or a bookshelf like the RP-150M. Right now I'm leaning toward small bookshelf speakers for TV and background music, and focusing on my headphone setup. (Sigh.)
  6. Hi, folks. New guy here. After 32 years with the same lovely pair of KG4's, it appears I must break it off. I'm looking for something taller and slimmer, or something more petite. I don't want to give up much performance. Where, in the current Klipsch lineup, should I look? How do bookshelf speakers compare to floor standing models these days? The room is decent size, but my ears will be only about 9' from the speakers. Emmylou Harris, Diana Krall, Springsteen, Stones. I listen to CD's. I live out in the sticks, and will have limited opportunities to audition speakers. Thanks, in advance.
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