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  1. understood, I’ll work on posting the info thxs
  2. hey guys, just wondering what you guys think a nice pair of belle clones, with all Crites components are worth ? if you were going to purchase. thx’s in advance guys
  3. from what information is listed on macintoshcabinets.com, its the same cabinet for both. If you can measure & take some pictures, that info should help out
  4. hi 👋 all forum members I’m trying to find some specs for a DIY tube amp cabinet. I was able to buy a working hh scott lk 72 without the wood cabinet (The tube amp is awesome, by the way). From the research i did online it’s the (wide c cabinet) i would need. If anyone has the specs to build, I‘d appreciate the info. thx’s guys
  5. i have a similar system, to yours. My 450C & 2- 280F’s, 2-250S’s, & 2-svsSB-2000 sounded good with just my denon 6400h AVR powering them, but my system sounds 10 times better, in my opinion, after i added a power amp (Sunfire 5-Cinema Grand). The overall sound was night & day for me. If you add a power amp & buy new, you usually get a 30-day trial/window to test out, & if you find a used power amp, try auditioning it, if possible. Goodluck man
  6. Cass99

    scott lk 72

    i recently purchased a scott lk 72, & i’m looking to buy original control knobs for the amp, or other ideas from forum members on where to buy similar newer control knobs for the amp. thxs
  7. hi allenh427 both of those center’s are a perfect match for your 8000f’s. if price & making room for the 504 isn’t a issue, go with the 504. if it is 404 should be fine. also u could test them both out & see what u like more, most places have 14-30 day no question return policy. goodluck to you
  8. hi jlock70 your klipsch rp-150m’s are a match with the rp-250c, rp-440c, & rp-450c. the newer rp-400c & rp-500c centers & rp-line, have different tweeters, i would imagine they’d sound fine with your rp-150m speakers. in my opinion i’d stay with the same rp-line, instead of mixing them, if u can, but that’s up to you. goodluck to you
  9. hey hossein, you also can check into the rp-240s & rp-250s they both match your speakers & are true side surround bi-poles. also the rp-250c center is a match too, if u think about going with a center channel speaker instead. I have a set of the rp-250s’s & they’re great side surround speakers: in my opinion. good luck to you man
  10. hi mitch, you have some very nice klipsch speakers, congrats on your purchase. If you mainly listen to music on them. you may want to consider going with a sealed sub. my rp-280f’s sound much better with a svs-sb2000, for music & ht, compared to the ported klipsch sub i started with. If your close to a best buy magnolia, they usually have both sealed & ported subs for you to audition in person. good luck
  11. hi i’d say if you’ve been wanting surround sound & can get a good deal on the rp-160m that match, have them as your fronts & move the 150m to the back for side/rear surround. you could also add a matching center & or sub, later on, if you’re wanting a 5.1 system. I have a set of 280f floorstander’s & i just pulled the trigger on a pair of 160m for my rears. goodluck hossein
  12. hi guys, I’m thinking about adding rear surrounds to my system & would like to know the forums opinion & or any experience with these two models. The rp 150m or rp160m ??? my ht system is listed below & i’d say my living room is medium in size. thx’s guys Klipsch RP HT system 2 RP-280F 2 RP-250S 1 RP-450C 2 SVS sb2000 subs 4 RP-140SA Denon AVR X6400H Sunfire five cinema grand power amp
  13. It’s not letting upload a picture
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