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  1. Thanks JefDC. I guess i didn't explain my concern clearly. My concern is that , as in the Dolby recommendation for surround speaker placement below (with Arrow), You want to have the cone of the speaker facing the back of your head. With these wedge type surround they can only be placed 'flat' on the rear or side wall so getting the cone to direct toward the back of your head is difficult and no placement is perfect and we all want 'perfect'. My back wall is closer than the example below
  2. I have the same issue with my new surrounds R-41SA. The back wall is too close to the back of the couch so i will mount them on the side with the cones facing the back of the seated sweet spot. That's always the plan. Point the speakers towards the back of the head of the person seated in the sweet spot. As far as height is concerned. Generally no more than 2 feet between the height of the front with the rears.
  3. I just bought some new R-41 -SA surrounds for my 5.1.4 and am a little confused about the angular build of them. With the wedge shape they must be placed flat against the rear wall or the side walls at the rear of the room. This means that the cone cannot be directed toward the back of your head or the sweet spot. They do not adhere to any of the Dolby specified placement guides. What would you do? Moto
  4. Thanks rebuy. I am looking at Denon or Marantz and solely concentrating on a 9.2 receiver, which can support Dolby Vison, HDR10, HLG, 4K video upscaling and HDCP 2.2 processing on all HDMI ports. With the 4x 280FA's obviously I want to take advantages of 4 overheads (or reflected overheads). ARC is important too if stability improves of this path to get SMART TV App Atmos content from the TV to the ARC port. Call me crazy but I do not find all the other add-ons of Airplay 2, stream with Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Alexa as in anyway important to my listening pleasure. AVR-X4500H 4K AV or Marantz SR6013 maybe. I wasn't sure if the RP-280FA would be a good matching set to the RP-450
  5. I am about to purchase a system for Atmos 4x RP-280FA for front Left & right and surround Ls/Rs plus 4 channels of reflected Atmos height channels 1x RP-450 for Center 1x R-112 SW Subwoofer I have no real idea if this is system that could be improved upon but I'mhoping i have picked the right pieces. Any thoughts of it this system will work well for Atmos?
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