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  1. So, I did swap tweeters and the crackling sound stayed with the cabinet. So it may be a crossover issue. What’s the best way to troubleshoot this?
  2. Dave, I switched the horns and the crackling was in the same box, so it must not be the horn. I can hear it at various volume levels.
  3. I measures and they are +5”. I also pulled one of the horns bc it is crackling and the wiring is clear.
  4. No such luck on wiring. I switched connections on the receiver and the same tweeter still crackles.
  5. Dang! I feel a little lame! That would’ve been an easy test. I’ll do that and follow up. Did I mention I’m new to high quality audio???
  6. I found a pair of CF3s, version 1 on shopgoodwill.com. When I hooked them up I found that one of the tweeters crackles at any dB level. I pulled the horn out and detached the driver but couldn’t tell anything from looking at it. The diaphragm looked good and I couldn’t see any damage to the cone, though it is really hard to see anything. Any thoughts? Any way to fix or replace it? This is my first foray into Klipsch and high quality audio so your help is appreciated
  7. I am new to Klipsch and new to this forum. I grew up in the 80s outside of Hope, AR (in Texarkana) and always new of Klipsch as the pinnacle of speaker quality, although I could never afford them. Well, I found a pair of CF3 v.1s on my local shopgoodwill.com and go them for $350! They are in great shape. I'm looking forward to hooking them up and taking them for a test drive. However, I have a Harmon Kardon AVR520 tuner that I mainly used as garage listening with some old Sony SS-U7030s that I kept from my college days. Will this HK do the trick for a non-audiophile or should I look to upgrade the receiver? Can I just add an amp to boost the output? Please understand that I know very little at this point about the audio technical world, but I am willing to learn. So, please use layman's terms if you are able to provide any advice or feedback.
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