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  1. Chris, thanks for detailed how-to. In the end you apply some filters I guess, not just leave the individual PEQs for Low and High, right?
  2. So that orange phase line is from an IIR filter? Is there a 'secret' to get that nice phase? Earlier you said you use 1st order crossover and some PEQ. I cannot get the phase so good using IIR filters..
  3. Chris, have you tried also FIR linear phase filters? I wonder what you think about the sound when phase is flat from 80hz or so (maybe lower if you have enough taps in the hardware).
  4. Can you post a no-EQ and no filter response of the TAD-4002 please?
  5. Thanks Chris for the explanation, I thought you were referring to FIR pre-rise time. I am about to start fabricating a K402 clone. Thinking about what CD to buy, so this next question is: Did you try also 1st order crossover with normal 2" CD or just with the coaxial BMS that you use? Thanks!
  6. Hello Chris, Thanks for the content and plots you posted in this thread. Regarding the pre-rise of the step response seen with FIR filters usage, what is your obsevation? Do you have some best practices tips for obtaining a small pre-rise? Number of taps maybe (more or less ?, if the hardware can take it), windowing? I do my filters with rePhase and clearly hear that using FIR filters the sound is not so 'clean'/'crisp' than using simple IIR filters in EqualizerAPO engine. But then again, the phase is more liniar using liner-phase FIR filters.
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