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  1. ‘Thanks for sharing those links! I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced 300b amp and I’ve had good dealings with Grant Fidelity in the past. I like that you have the option of using it as an integrated or just as an amp with your own preamp. As far as I can tell it doesn’t come with remote volume control.
  2. Local Fry’s here in Phoenix must have been open yesterday as they don’t open today until 9am local time and it shows they’re sold out already
  3. ‘And yet he’s still asking for more than half of retail...
  4. I know, part of me wanted to just bring them home but I figured if there was ever any kind of break in to be had on the drivers this would help since I could play them 24/7 at reasonable levels.
  5. Received my 396’s yesterday at my work. Going to let them play for a few days around the clock before bringing them home.
  6. ‘That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish with the 396’s. Is that a type of super tweeter on the very top of the mcm 1900?
  7. Wow dtel, that Forte III looks like a monitor in that pic. Is this what the mcm 1900 looks like?
  8. Oh I know, it would be cool for like a day and then get old pretty quick. Whatever I do it’ll be neutral for sure.
  9. Something like this would be pretty cool, but...
  10. If I did, this would be the first song I would play...
  11. Have never heard of the MCM 1900 so just looked up a picture of them. My goodness, what size room are they in? They gotta be fun!
  12. ‘My biggest concern with going with something like the 396 was would I be able to get out of them what they’re capable of. I assumed you had to crank them to really justify owning them but after getting feedback from owners who said they sound great at all listening levels my concern was waned. One guy here has them in a relatively small room too so I’m betting them working really well in my room. ‘Thanks! Cory’s price on some b-stock 396’s was comparable to the Forte III’s so I figured this may be my rare chance at getting such a speaker.
  13. I’ve never heard them either. That particular model in th pic is called the Dream Maker and Duke had the Azel on display at RMAF. From what I read from those who thought the Forte 3 and LaScala’s were very good, the Azel was on another level so I’m guessing in the ballpark as the 396. Comparing what I paid for the 396’s and what Audiokinesis sells their speakers for I think I’m out ahead either way. 😎
  14. ‘You weren’t the only one to recommend them. I chatted with about 5 owners who happened to use them for two channel music only and all of them gave the 396’s the highest praise and recommendation.
  15. I have not but would love to sometime. Part of the reason of starting this thread was hearing from a few Klipsch owners who said the Pro gear is hands down better than most if not all the Heritage line stuff so I thought if Klipsch would entertain the thought of making an option for the Pro gear to have some nice veneer or paint they could satisfy those who want both looks and performance. But.....I’m sure there’s got to be some who think the Heritage line is just as good as the Pro, I just haven’t come across them yet.
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