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  1. Can you say about how much it cost to upgrade yours to the current spec and model?
  2. Thanks for the reply! I frequent the audio mart so I'll keep an eye. It's all about timing.
  3. jcmusic- can you say where you found the SE84UFO? I'm looking for one as well to go with my 396's but they're far and few between finding them used and the wait from Decware right now is around 7 months. -Tom
  4. I've done this extreme toe in with my 396's to great effect. Added some diffusion panel at first reflection points and I'm getting great depth and imaging for my room. A friend shared this with me a while back and explains the benefits of the toe in. http://libinst.com/PublicArticles/Setup of WG Speakers.pdf
  5. I find it funny too how he pronounced the name Heresy. I've heard others say it that way and I'm always wondering why...
  6. Very nice! I didn’t even know Unison Research made speakers but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I have always known they made great amps so I’m curious about their speakers now too. I will always keep these 396’s but if I was to dabble in another brand I’m interested in the open baffle of Spatial X3 or M3.
  7. @Beatlebum Did you by chance used to own a pair of Salk SS8’s at one time? Your name and room pic look familiar so was just wondering if that’s you. I had a pair of Salk Songtowers and SS8’s but now own Klipsch KI-396’s and have never been happier. There was an old pair of Chorus II’s that were available to me last year and wished I could have took the chance on them to upgrade and tinker with. Congrats on a great looking pair!
  8. Wow, those are interesting comments from the dealer as I've heard the opposite on occasion. Even heard one dealer say the SIT-3 is possible the best amp he's ever heard. One thing is for sure Nelson makes some great amps. Thanks for the reply!
  9. I currently have an Aleph J powering my 396's and absolutely love it. It makes me wonder what an M2 or SIT-3 would be like. For those that have heard these amps is there that much of a difference between the Aleph J and M2 and or SIT-3. I bought my Aleph J from a guy who basically sold it for what he paid in parts so I feel like I'm playing with house money its so good but always wonder what could be with a different First Watt offering.
  10. Hey, don't go buying up all the sit-3's now. Leave some for us poor slobs trying to get one.. haha. I don't have any advice on the separate amp deal but i just wanted to know how your'e liking the sit-3 with your speakers. I have a pair of 396's that I love and currently have a Pass Aleph J that is great but I have been intrigued by Nelson's other offerings and have read nothing but high praise for the sit-3. I can send a pm if that works better. -Tom
  11. ‘Thanks for sharing those links! I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced 300b amp and I’ve had good dealings with Grant Fidelity in the past. I like that you have the option of using it as an integrated or just as an amp with your own preamp. As far as I can tell it doesn’t come with remote volume control.
  12. Local Fry’s here in Phoenix must have been open yesterday as they don’t open today until 9am local time and it shows they’re sold out already
  13. ‘And yet he’s still asking for more than half of retail...
  14. I know, part of me wanted to just bring them home but I figured if there was ever any kind of break in to be had on the drivers this would help since I could play them 24/7 at reasonable levels.
  15. Received my 396’s yesterday at my work. Going to let them play for a few days around the clock before bringing them home.
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