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  1. Well Cary and McIntosh are indeed the most obvious choices from your list as mentioned above, but only your ears will tell you what will suit you most. Good luck with your auditions!
  2. Erm why can't you just try them all and get your own opinion?.. Your ears are the best advisers you can get...
  3. Soo my local Faital dealer told me the truth and HT20AT indeed are available to order and arrived here yesterday: Looking really awesome! I'll do some initial tests tomorrow when I borrow a 2-way crossover, I hope Faital will not dissapoint with its sound! Will post a little update here with initial impressions and measurements.
  4. These are a great looking speakers! Do you have a build log topic here? Can't find it, could you link it if you do?
  5. Wow, that's some serious attenuation.. here is what my Cornscalas measurements look like, with and without parametric, I'm using digital Roon DSP engine before signal reaches my DAC:
  6. Well I have my cornscalas gear to use for 3 way tests - Selenium D405 mids and B&C DE120 tweeters that I will be able to compare with 2 way setup.. I want to use 2 way to avoid time alignment issues, also I'm listening my setup from less than 3 meters from each speaker - I suppose 2 way should be a bit more consistent than 3 way (though I don't hear any significant problems with 3 way cornscalas atm). In any case adding tweeter won't be that big of a deal if I'm not satisfied with 2 way. Chris A, I saw your posts and thoughts regarding BMS 4592ND, and I was considering it but right now I don't want to go into active crossovers and bi-amping or tri-amping.. seems a little bit complicated atm. I think I'll try it eventually but not now.
  7. They say they've checked and Faital has a pair in stock for me. I hope that's true, will see how it works out.
  8. Hmm I think FaitalPro is a trustworthy manufacturer who keeps spare parts for discontinued products for years as they are obliged by law 😉 The reasons I want to choose HF20AT are written above - these are well known drivers that will provide good result for sure, it was tested by many users. I don't want to be a guinea pig testing new product, I'm not an engineer, I want to get a proper result from the 1st try (well from a 2nd try since I already have Cornscalas built and running), so atm I want to use well tested parts only.
  9. Hmm maybe I'm lucky enough to get a last pair from their Europe warehouse then ) Or I'll have to switch to HF2000, it seems to be a nice driver as well. Thanks for the info anyway.
  10. Well a Faital Pro official dealer in my area took an order on HF20AT with ~6 weeks delivery time so probably Faital keeps these either in stock still or can produce if ordered. I'll post here when I receive the order. HF20AT seems to be a little bit flatter than HF2000 from the measurements Faital provides, also it's about choosing a well known driver vs barely tested one, so.. I'm using DSP in Roon so I can adjust freq response curve a bit. I'll post initial measurements and final ones when it's ready (i think - February - March 2019).
  11. What is the real advantage of K-402 horn compared to FC260 Tractrix horns that people are using in KH modifications? These work down to 400hz quite good.. and I suppose there will be no difference in 6000+ Hz range?
  12. Hmm can these give a flat freq response crossed at 400hz? https://www.electrovoice.com/binary/DH1A DH1A-16 EDS.pdf - if I look into curves here it seems that it's barely possible.. Also I'd like to use new drivers rather than used ones, so the question about Faitals is still on the table )
  13. Sorry, I'm not a fan of original Klipsch drivers, not going to use these.
  14. Greetings everyone, I'm thinking about building 2-way klipshorns instead of my Cornscalas, and I'd be helpful for some help with mid-highs driver choice. I'm going to use the following: - Crites CW1526C woofers; - ALK ES-400 crossovers; - Tractrix fc260 horns; - Faital Pro driver - haven't decided yet which one. There are 3 drivers available: - well known Faital Pro HF200 - Faital Pro HF20AT that has excellent reviews - Faital Pro HF2000 - seems to be a new model since I can barely find any reviews. So, questions are: 1. Is HF20AT really better than HF200? 2. Did someone tested HF2000? 3. Any alternatives around 1000 USD \ pair? TADs seem to be great but I can't afford these Thanks a lot in advance!
  15. Sorry, I went from Pioneer top line AVRs to higher quality solutions quite a long time ago (using Anthem MRX720 atm acting as processor only and going to switch to Arcam processor with Dirac Live soon). I don't like class D amps in any form, with exception of subwoofers where we don't have a choice. And yes, every separate amplifier I've added increased sound quality in movies. Statement 1: all amplifiers sound different. Statement 2: a middle class preamp cost around 5000 USD. A middle class 2 channel power amp - about the same, so it's 10k USD for a strong middle level 2 channel amplification. And another ~5000 for 2ch DAC of the same level, so 15k total for 2 channels to get a strong good sound but nowhere close to top class audio products. Statement 3: all top video products are made as AV processors, without amplifiers at all. No matter if that's Matanz, Yamaha, McIntosh, Arcam or some strong pro market product with 5 figures in price. Statement 4: almost all top range amplifiers from top tier audio companies are made as monoblocks, with separate power for each channel - it's a proven way to get the best sound possible. I doubt anyone will argue with 4 statements above. So, please think, with everything written above in mind, how a receiver with a retail of only 4000USD for not 2, but 11 channels - DAC, Pre and Pro for 11 channels - with all the power modules for preamp, dacs and amps in one body (and don't forget about video processing parts as well) - can in theory will be considered at least as good as separate amplification modules? It's not about power, power is maybe 20% of what makes a really good sound, these are simple things that are tested by thousands both in stereo and in multichannel video setups. Please see above. I doubt you will argue that all amps in stereo sound different? Why do you say then that in video setups all amps sound the same?...
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