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  1. Can your wife have lunch with my wife? 😁 To me, they look like cool pieces of furniture, but since my SO says the Heresys are absolutely huge I won't even bother to push La Scalas.
  2. Was this really his gear, or just something put together for him to pose with for an ad?
  3. Sounds like turning off Channel B leaves the speaker output "floating" and not tied down, and it is picking up 0.135V of a stray signal from nearby components on the PCB, and it's enough to keep the sub thinking there's a signal. When Channel B is on, there is a driver with a series capacitor/inductor that is keeping any stray signal from reaching the output. I think it's common for speaker switches to leave the speaker terminals floating when switched off; I don' t know if 0.1V at the terminals when off is within spec or not. Can you just use the same speaker output to drive your main speakers and your sub?
  4. It looks like some kind of wide strap was put around the speakers maybe to secure them to a hand truck or something? If the box isn't damaged and they are not returns or open box it must have been done at Klipsch which seems surprising. You could try rubbing some wood protection oil which might help hide the marks. I'd send these pics to Crutchfield. If they bug you, you should have clean, new speakers with unmarked cabinets. Good luck, and please do let us know here what happens...
  5. Wife logic and our logic are on two different planes. I'm retiring in about a decade. And when we move, the house will be chosen with strong consideration for Khorn placement
  6. I like your thinking but she's too smart for that to fool her. Also, unfortunately, the room is configured so it's next to an open kitchen so space is at a premium.
  7. Copper oxides don't conduct electricity, so it increases the electrical resistance of the wire to your speaker. Also, the oxidation can spread to your speaker terminals. Lamp cord is meant to connect to...lamps.
  8. Every lamp cord I've seen connected to speaker terminals get brown and nasty from oxidation.
  9. Sadly, it's not the spending. I just bought her an $8,000 diamond bracelet. I reminded her I can get 4 HIIs for that, but it doesn't matter. Those humongous, beautiful boxes will never cross my doorstep until I'm retired...probably 10 years... With the way Klipsch is increasing prices on the Heritage series, who knows how much they'll cost in a decade...
  10. I'd love a pair of LaScalas. Unfortunately, the wife doesn't love them. She says the Heresys are huge.
  11. Funny you mention that - I just listened to all of "The Final Cut" yesterday and it sounded really good on the HIIIs.
  12. After a few years with my HIIIs and swapping out the inexpensive Sony 100wpc receiver with an NAD 50wpc integrated amp, I'm actually wondering why they are supposed to be "rock speakers". I'm finding that well-recorded jazz and classical can be wonderfully detailed. Classical especially absolutely must be well-recorded or large orchestras sound terrible. Actually some of the worst sounding music has been rock. For example, Journey sounds horrible; their music has so much hot midrange and highs it's unlistenable. I was excited for Led Zeppelin, but not only is their music not recorded all that great, I realized it doesn't have much depth or detail.
  13. Polizzio, you're behind the times - how about $42,000? On the plus side, it is a whole 15 feet. https://www.needledoctor.com/Kimber-Kable-Select-KS-6068-Speaker-Cables?custcol115=24&custcol120=49&_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=CjwKCAjwk7rmBRAaEiwAhDGhxFRiD6xNWiAx-e60aATGsMJQ9zYuoR5gIbLNOw_cetbZOXiSxAuL2xoCs4QQAvD_BwE
  14. But only if the beers and shots happened AFTER the install, right?
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