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  1. Yep, me too. I made a fairly large cut in the mid-high knob (it sits at about 9 o'clock) and it took the edge off those upper mids.
  2. I swear by the Loki. I made cuts in the mid and high bands and my Heresy IIIs sound more balanced with less midrange harshness I was experiencing (to my ears). Of course this is my opinion and YMMV.
  3. So now do the cabinets need 400-500 hours to break in? 😄
  4. Just curious - why hasn't someone tested a speaker's freq response from a new speaker and compared it to the same model that was "broken in"? If it's valid, you'd expect to see a rise in the bass response levels, right?
  5. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!
  6. Hmmm...don't even know what the warranty is!
  7. Ok, this is weird - it seems related to the source material. If I play the Spotify track or my MP3 ripped track, the mechanical resonant buzz is there, particularly in the right speaker, and it's emanating from the cabinet, not from the driver. Again, the rear terminal panel and rear panel are tight. If I play the CD, either the buzz is not there at all, or it's at an attenuated level. I understand that a ripped track would modify the waveforms, but it seems strange that a ripped version could set up a mechanical resonance, but the CD track wouldn't. I haven't noticed it on any other track. It must be that one particular bass note...
  8. Thanks everyone for all your valuable input! It helps a LOT. I'm pretty sure it's not an amp/interference/static/ground issue, as the buzz seems to be purely mechanical, coming from the inside of the Heresy cabinets. The banana plug knobs are tight, the rear panel is tight. The buzz does not appear to emanate from the bass driver listening from the front it's heard putting your ear on the rear of the cabinet. BTW, I did not drop the cabinets. They were delivered to my door and I moved them about 25 feet to the listening room where they have sat since. I need to get the proper screwdriver (it's not a Phllips) and take off the back panel and check the crossover components - kinda nervous about that. If I remove the rear terminal panel, the crossover is attached to that panel, correct? What is the slack in the wires from the crossover to the drivers? Will I be able to pull it out a bit and look inside?
  9. I noticed playing Dire Straits' "Private Investigations" from Love Over Gold, the ominous bass thumps starting at 3:49 are causing a mechanical buzz from the speakers that is in sync with the bass line. Putting my ear against the back of the speaker, I hear the buzz seeming to come from the inside of the boxes. It does not appear to emanate from the front of the bass driver. The front grille seems secure, and the rear panel is solid and not loose. The banana plugs and rear access panel seem tight. I don't know what is causing this but it is emanating from *both* speakers. It does not require a very high output level to hear the buzz. On the right speaker especially, I hear the buzz from the listening chair if played loudly enough (which is only about 80dB or so). I played the track from Spotify, and also a track ripped from my CD. That particular bass note seems to cause something inside to resonate. I played other bass tracks and don't hear it (eg. "Get Lucky"/Daft Punk). I need to remove the grilles and check if the drivers have any loose mounting screws. Any ideas?
  10. Well, his sig does say "I'm snarky with a cranky edge"...In my opinion it's more like cranky with a snarky edge... 😄
  11. Is this really true? Wow... People brag how loud they get when the knob is at 9/10/11 o'clock or whatever, and the knob never goes past 12...to think about how little input level they're actually using...wasted amplifier power...
  12. This doesn't explain how to use the kind I have - with the two side screws, offset from each other. I jam in the wire, tighten the screws, and the wire falls back out way too easily. The screws don't have a good grip just smashing the wires against the wall. Pretty bad design.
  13. Sounds like you have a spouse that appreciates fidelity. My wife can barely tell the difference between the Heresy pair and the speakers in the TV. She has even admitted that she has a "tin ear". I think once she had her girlfriends over for drinks (no men allowed) and she did turn up the music to enjoy the Heresies. But to her, not worth the space. I figured - they look like furniture, cherry wood and nice grilles. She doesn't see them that way
  14. Yeah, I hear you. The wife pretty much controls everything. Esthetics are everything. To her, the built-in TV speakers sound just dandy, and wonders why we can't get those little white Bose cubes mounted on the wall My listening room is the family room, open to the kitchen, and the TV is there. To her, the Heresy is huge and ugly. No other room to retreat to. I have the means to buy Cornwalls, La Scalas, or even Khorns. Money is not the issue.
  15. My wife would take one look at those and say - there is no way those are allowed in my house! This looks like basement man cave...in my house, no basement, and no man cave
  16. My wife hates my Heresy IIIs and calls them "huge"...and they are the smallest Heritage... Cornwall - LV and diamonds for the next 10 years as payback Khorns - divorce reason: "irreconcilable speakers" Jubilee - murder reason: "temporary insanity and self-defense from speakers"
  17. I think Heresys would be perfect, especially since your restaurant is retro-inspired - The Heresy was first produced in 1957 and the box design hasn't changed much since then.
  18. Can someone explain how to use these banana plugs? Everyone I've ever tried - I jam the wire in, tighten the screws, and the wire still falls out far too easily. Is there some trick?
  19. What are you using for a preamp? Just curious...
  20. Oh, so on the III the crossover is not on a wood board attached to the side or bottom of the speaker? That's all I've seen from photos here... Any pics of this?
  21. Can you elaborate on what "blew"? To me, "volume of 40 to 75" doesn't indicate much - what were the watt meters registering? It's a quality 200w integrated amp, and as what was said above, your ears should have blown way before the speakers.
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