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  1. Just wanted to update this in case anyone else runs into this type of issue. It turns out it was the receiver itself causing the issues. I ended up getting a Denon X4400H receiver, and I'm happy to say I no longer have this problem. Speakers now sound amazing!
  2. I don't have a 1/4 adapter to use the headphone jack. I might have a spare one to use this weekend...if not, I'll let you guys know. I'm preparing to send this in for repair as Denon created an RMA for it.
  3. All of my testing was done with a single cable plugged directly from the speaker to any of my 3 front speakers, 1 at a time (including using a new cable that didn't have any banana plugs on it). The other 4 speakers were through the wall plate, but at this point, I think we can eliminate the wall plate and speaker cables as the issue. I did use an optical out to test with today and had the same problem. I don't have any RCA converters or anyway to test this way yet, still looking. Denon has yet to respond to my support request, think I'm going to have to call them.
  4. Haha. Been in IT for 15 years, so troubleshooting isn't a problem and is second nature. 14 Gauge wire. Let me see if I have some type of converter.
  5. All 7 speakers are brand new...I highly doubt all 7 are bad, they would have all come from different batches and some from different vendors. The AVR is only a year old, so it still has two years of a warranty left. I might be able to get another AVR to test next weekend.
  6. I'll look into this too, but I had tested the flat setting at one point or another. Right now I'm defaulted with everything off (didn't re-run Audyssey), so it would be whatever default settings are when it's shut off and not run.
  7. I'm heavily starting to lean towards this as well unfortunately... It's still under warranty, but I have no idea how Denon is on their service and turn around.
  8. I tested with a few more cheap speakers, I can clearly hear it on them as well. I actually have 7 brand new klipsch speakers in my system, so I highly doubt it's them. Unfortunately I just gave away both my old receivers thinking I'd never need them again. I'm testing with a single cable and single speaker right now. I also tested using a new wire between the speaker and avr.
  9. Sorry for the quick second reply, but it was bugging me so I did some testing. I factory reset my Denon. Removed all inputs except the one to the PS4 including my ARC output. Plugged in a single speaker using a new wire, same issue. Tried a different input, tried a different speaker, used a different speaker cable without banana plugs, and used a new HDMI cable as well as tested using a different source...issue still followed. Hooking up the el cheapo speaker, and while they sound like shit, it doesn't have this issue. Yet, it follows every single klipsch speaker I have. Here is the cheap one: https://www.cnet.com/products/panasonic-sc-pt960/specs/ I'm not sure what else to do/try? EDIT - Maybe I do very slightly hear it on the cheap speaker as well. Maybe they were so shitty that it wasn't as noticeable as it is on the better speakers. AVR problem?
  10. Thanks for the reply. It currently happens with all sources, the PS4 is just the most noticeable. This was a PS4, audio is through a single HDMI cable from the PS4 to the receiver which I will swap out and use as my test. I'm going to work on disconnecting all sources and speakers and try one at a time...Might be a few days before I can report back.
  11. So I tried to reset the speaker config to default, and shut off any and all EQ's that I could find in the config. Unfortunately, the issue still persisted. I re-ran the Audyssey setup, and no change their either. I do notice that the issue is worse at higher volume levels (note that its very noticeable at a normal listening level). I'm not positive it's just the highs anymore, but that's when I notice and can hear it the most. The best way is to say it's not crisp, almost a buzz on the notes...it's hard to explain and i'm having a tough time trying to find examples? Other things I have tried: * I have moved the receiver to it's own source power away from the rest of the entertainment center. * I unplugged all speakers from the wall plate including my subwoofer (my speakers go from the receiver to the wall plate, then out to each speaker) and plugged them in one at a time, and the issue followed every speaker. I didn't unplug them directly from the back of the receiver since it's hard to get too, but I can do this if someone thinks that's needed as well. * I tried to shut off all channels and turn them on one by one (l/r, center, sub, rear surround, top surround) and no change. I included a video so that maybe it'll make it more clear what I mean (near the end of the video is the best example), although of course it's not as easy to tell as in person. I had the volume up louder than normal, as it's easier to hear that way:
  12. Thanks for the replies so far. My room is fairly open. Size is roughly 20x20 with 8 foot ceilings. There isn't much actually in the way for furniture right now, so there is the potential for some type of echo in the room. My HT area sits in about 10x10 of this room (living room) and the other space is open.
  13. Hello all, This is my first post and the first time trying to explain this, so please go easy on me. I just got a new set of klipsch speakers setup in my home, and to me they don't sound "crisp" at anything on the high end/frequency. So mainly this would be dialog, and appears to happen across all my speakers, not just the center (I can hear the same problem when something is in stereo). It's almost as if there is a slight muffle or buzz to the sound when someone is talking. No issues on the low end or with bass. Here is my setup: RP-280F RC-62ii R14M R-2650-Cii R10SW Denon X1300W So I know off-hand that my receiver is not fully up to par on the speakers. I originally had this hooked up to some cheaper speakers from a home theater in a box setup, and while the sound was lacking, I didn't have problem with dialog or what I'm seeing with the Klipsch. My question is, is it the receiver that could be causing these issues because they are not able to produce enough wattage? I notice the issue no matter what volume level they are set at. I have ran the Audyssey setup, as well as tried to manually adjust the speakers but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?
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