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  1. I've got 2 custom Forte II shipping boxes from a prior purchase. They have cut/labeled insulation that goes around the speakers. I'd be glad to ship them to you if you get to that point. We might just start a new trend. Just used a couple pieces during a recent house move.
  2. Contacted quick, but not quick enough. These are gone.
  3. I know shipping can be a pain, but please let me know if you are willing to. I have a pair of Forte II and Forte I in Walnut. The II's have already been reworked with Crites updates. I'm hoping to get the Forte I down to Bob, or his son , this spring. Good luck with your sale.
  4. Sorry. I've seen this mentioned twice but no explanation of what it is. Could someone point me in the right direction? I've wanted to attend Pilgrimage the last 2 years and it hasn't worked out. Thanks
  5. Please keep us posted on the sale. I'm in Fayetteville and would love to add these, but it's about a month to soon for me. Would be fun to use these as my Front L/R and move my Forte II set to the back.
  6. This wouldn't bother me to much. I'd consider driving down for them. The only issue is the Forte I and Forte II set I have are both Walnut and this is Oak. In different rooms it wouldn't matter, but everything is in one room currently.
  7. Pioneerhip has been great to work with so far. Hopefully these will be connected and live Thursday night.
  8. Started getting into vintage Klipsch when I finally realized what the huge corner speakers, in my grandfather's house, were that I remember from being a kid. I currently have a pair of Walnut Forte II, Crites rebuilds, and a pair of Quartets. Currently I'm using the Fortes as R/L with one of the Quartets as a center. I'm looking for another pair of each and willing to drive roughly 4 hours. I've also heard there is someone who keeps a running price guide. Any introductions would be appreciated. Hoping to make it to the Pilgrimage next year.
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