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  1. I’ll try the Part 1 treatment and let you know what I find. And yeah, I need to remake the formula because it’s way too thin!
  2. I am and have been using one drop of Cyastat SN in 4oz of Alcohol in 80oz of distilled water in my ultrasonic machine, works great!!! Would this be the formula for a simple spray on cleaner as described in Part 1? I have some very clean LPs I wish I could just destaticize. Maybe I should use the part 1 formula? I made my part 2 cleaner/destaticizer but I think I may have accidentally added too much alsohol. It’s really runny and has been difficult to apply to an LP.
  3. Let me know if you need me to fix other photos, I'll repair them in Photoshop CC and I'll send them back to you. David
  4. I fixed up a cover photo in case you needed it. I cannot believe how great those transfers sound, it really is incredible! Thank you so much, Dave, for taking the trouble and uploading, and everything you did to make them. Just incredible!!
  5. That’s so awesome, Dave! Can’t wait to hear it!
  6. Thanks Mallette, for your input! I can’t wait to get all the ingredients and make up a batch. I have LPs that I’ve lugged all over the world (lived in Europe for 9 years and Asia for one year) and never listened to them until two months ago! So, I’ve been building my library, which is a lot of fun...and playing LPs scratches my OCD itch 😅 Articles and everything in this thread have taught me a lot, especially the negative effects of static on LPs and styli. It explains why crazy ideas such as WD-40 seem to work, but who knows what the other ingredients will do to the component parts of an LP. ill be especially excited to share my findings with the Hi-Fi enthusiasts here in San Antonio. Thanks, Dave, Neil and every contributor to this thread!
  7. DizRotus, I've read every word of this entire thread (which is impressive) and I've read every word in the recipe and TAA article. I have some very important albums to clean up and this seems to be the best way ever created to do this. I've scoured the "Record Revirginizer" website for clues to whether or not it is the same formulation, but there just isn't enough information. I am so very grateful to you and the others who have contributed to this amazing thread with some of the best information ever gathered on record preservation and cleaning, and I need to know if you still have any CYASTAT SN left, and if so can I follow the instructions in 109 to get some from you? My biggest question is about how to "soft boil" in a pyrex double glass boiler. I'm not sure how you place your glass vase, in the water, or on top of something perforated to allow boiling without the water touching the glass? For what it's worth, I'm a part time member of the San Antonio Symphony and I'm in the San Antonio Brass Band (Soprano Cornettist) and the San Antonio Wind Symphony and I'm on the board of directors for both of those groups as well. So, music is a big part of my life, nothing but family, my friends and my dog are more important to me. Again, thanks for the information and your contributions! David M.
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