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  1. Actually, the in ceiling speakers are slightly behind the sitting area while the 280FAs are in the front. I have them all connected. I will play around with the setup a bit more. I watched GOTG (DTS:X, I believe) and the sound-field was active and impressive. I did run Audyessy but it gives a couple of choices in terms of speaker placement. I was hoping someone had a similar experience. Thanks for the advice. I will let you know what I find to be the best set up.
  2. I was hoping to get a little advice on how I should arrange my speaker setup. I'm using a Marantz NR1609 as my AVR. I have a set of RP280FA, RP450C for center and R1650 in my ceiling directly over my listening area. The 1609 allows an atmos setup so what speakers should I use as the height speakers? The 1650s or the atmos speakers in the 280FA? I appreciate any advice. BTW: I also have a set of B&W 601s and a set of RF10s that I could move around if the current speakers are not a good mix for atmos setup.
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