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  1. I have put in four within the past several months. When the doglegs are first deployed, I recall the speakers dangled below my hole in the drywall quite a bit and certainly more than an inch. At one point I thought the legs failed to swing out because it dangled so far out, worrying I would drop these babies! Changing to longer screws would also be very easy to do as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to go for it if it were me, and you sound like a much more capable DIY’er than me. All I have is a drywall saw.
  2. Before buying I actually called Klipsch customer support for exact measurements without riser to make sure it would fit and still be able to put a fan on top of receiver below the Heresy. He puts me on hold for a few minutes then came back and reads off some measurements. He took a tape measure and did it himself! Awesome customer support! And one more picture showing off drivers.
  3. Heresy III fits in my IKEA console like it was custom made for it. Flanked by Forte III’s and SVS SB13 in the corner. Sounds really good to me but my experience is limited. My RP 250C was not keeping up very well so I went for the Heresy.
  4. From a newbie, I whole heartedly agree! I wouldn’t be sitting in front of my Forte III’s along with some other stuff if not for this forum. I would however have more money in my pockets. I believe that’s the only downside : )
  5. Hello, Are you near any Fry’s? I got a Denon x2500 for about 400 (intermittently on sale with promo code).
  6. AC Infinity AIRCOM S6, Quiet... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LW6CYEC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I’ve been using two of these smaller less expensive units in auto mode and at lowest of 4 settings. If they sit in a visible spot might not look as good as bigger units that match width of components but mines are nearly hidden from sight. Very quiet and cools my Denon x4300 which sits on shelf open to front and back but less than 2 inches on top. In a dead quiet room you MIGHT hear it but then the fans wouldn’t be running. Another unit cools a Parasound A23 amp sitting behind glass door. They’re so good I’m thinking about a third unit for different receiver.
  7. ClaudeJ1, That was a fun read! Enjoy and learn much from your other posts as well.
  8. Wow. Too bad no local deals like this. I’ll take it that half way to Los Angeles is too far. : )
  9. Haha! Total newbie here but as I stare at the beauty and bathe in the sound of my Forte III’s and Heresy III center, I really wasn’t thinking Kmart and these are the lower end Heritage? I have about 25 other Klipsch speakers, none of which scream out Kmart.
  10. Congrats! I have only one SB13 ultra and have been wowing for the past 3 years! That PB13 is a monster!
  11. I looked up T10 and that sure looks fancier than S6, but I paid less for both units than the price of one. I don’t need or care for all the read outs and S6 has four fan speeds with enough options for me. 160 CFM versus S6’s 100CFM but I have only used lowest of four settings thus far, priority with keeping noise to an absolute minimum. With efficient Klipsch speakers, how much actual wattage was I going to be using anyways. Can’t imagine a max of just over 1.5 cubic feet of air per second being pulled through my Denon or A23 would be insufficient when they were designed to be run without fans. Do note that it’s footprint is smaller than typical components and does not cover the entire top area of the receiver or amp which was aesthetically ok with me for how I have everything set up.
  12. I recently jammed a Heresy III into my TV console as center channel, leaving just over 1.5 inches of clearance on top of my Denon x4300 which drives the center and 4 surround channels. Tried without fans. It got pretty hot. Even hotter was a Parasound A23 amp sitting in a difference part of the console. Both open in the back so I needed something to vent that way. Bought Infinity S6 for Denon and worked so good, got another for the A23! Auto on/off option. Lowest setting keeps everything cool (barely warm to the touch). Super quiet on low (can barely hear it in quiet room and that’s when I know it’s on and I’m purposely listening for it). Inexpensive on Amazon. Bought couple weeks ago so can’t say anything about durability yet but I’m very happy and no longer stressing about heat issues.
  13. Congrats! I got Forte IIIs from Cory as well. Had them for a a few weeks now and they sound fantastic! Upgraded from RP260’s. The only downside is that they make all the other speakers in my house sound small and weak (with the exception of my just received Heresy III as center.)
  14. @dtel Thanks for welcome! Have been reading for past year and a half or so before joining. I’ve learned much from your posts. The price difference is several hundred I think (based on the price of two FIII’s I just bought and the quote for one HIII so only a guess). Bigger issue is I can’t fit anything larger in existing console and HIII is already pushing it. If it weren’t for the whole space, money, and wife acceptance factor...haha!
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