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  1. never mind. Too far to Los Angeles. Very generous offer!
  2. @dtel Great! Now I want Fortes as Atmos speakers. Haha! That literally won’t fly at my house though.
  3. I did consider this! That would be best front sound stage. Unfortunately no way to fit Forte III as center in current console. I also daydreamed about getting La Scalas and moving Fortes to surrounds. Anybody know what AL5’s going for? Doubt that will fly though with wife, though! : )
  4. Hmmm. I must be looking at all the wrong places. Where does one go to find sub 1000 dollar HIlI’s?
  5. Hello, I just wanted some opinions on options. There is a set of blacks Forte II for 750 on CL in Los Angeles that appear in very good shape. Considering this versus new Heresy III’s from Cory but don’t now what they will go for these days with recent price increase. The surrounds cannot be ideally placed due to room, a little more to the rear than I would like. Current set up is LCR of Forte III-Heresy III-Forte III with RP160’s as surrounds, and pair of C5800’s as top rear Atmos. Thanks for opinions!
  6. I put my vote in. My Frankensystem consists of Forte-Heresy-Forte in front. Less than ideally placed RP160’s as surrounds, C5800’s in ceiling for rear Atmos, SVS 13 sub. Driven by Denon receiver with two channel Parasound amp for left and right. Trying to figure out how to place two more C5800 in front ceiling position without causing to much damage. Haha!
  7. Using them as surrounds past few weeks. Big improvement from R1650’s in the wall. I guess it’s not suppose to match with my front sound stage (Forte-Heresy-Forte) but sounds really good to me. Nice full sound.
  8. Exactly what I’m looking for! If only Chicago is closer to LA.
  9. Well, I did need to use a little trim on the sides and took off a center drawer to fit. 🙂
  10. I have put in four within the past several months. When the doglegs are first deployed, I recall the speakers dangled below my hole in the drywall quite a bit and certainly more than an inch. At one point I thought the legs failed to swing out because it dangled so far out, worrying I would drop these babies! Changing to longer screws would also be very easy to do as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to go for it if it were me, and you sound like a much more capable DIY’er than me. All I have is a drywall saw.
  11. Before buying I actually called Klipsch customer support for exact measurements without riser to make sure it would fit and still be able to put a fan on top of receiver below the Heresy. He puts me on hold for a few minutes then came back and reads off some measurements. He took a tape measure and did it himself! Awesome customer support! And one more picture showing off drivers.
  12. Heresy III fits in my IKEA console like it was custom made for it. Flanked by Forte III’s and SVS SB13 in the corner. Sounds really good to me but my experience is limited. My RP 250C was not keeping up very well so I went for the Heresy.
  13. From a newbie, I whole heartedly agree! I wouldn’t be sitting in front of my Forte III’s along with some other stuff if not for this forum. I would however have more money in my pockets. I believe that’s the only downside : )
  14. Hello, Are you near any Fry’s? I got a Denon x2500 for about 400 (intermittently on sale with promo code).
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