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  1. I have both. The RP 160’s are quite amazing for their size! The RP 260’s are a lot bigger, including depth.
  2. Have had mine for four years. When I bought Fortes, my wife said are you going to sell these? I said no way and promptly moved them into our bedroom. She hasn’t complained much about the low volume of the TV anymore.
  3. I’ve bought 2 Forte III, 3 Heresy III, and a Parasound amp in past year. Kept all the boxes. A lot easier to protect in event of me moving one day. No intention of ever selling.
  4. Same here except a showroom was only 30 minutes away! No regrets.
  5. So I went with Heresy III’s with much thanks to Metropolislakeoufitter. Using same stands that previously supported RP160’s on its side. Boy, these little speakers are surprisingly heavy! Doesn’t quite fit these but feels pretty secure and of course sounds great!
  6. I just placed some Heresy III’s on there sides for surround to replace RP160’s on there side. As they are suboptimal in placement (too much to the rear) I have the higher frequency horns on the outside for better separation.
  7. I started with RP 250c between Forte III’s. Then I tried RP 160 as center. I even tried two RP160’s, but then worried about combing and didn’t hear much improvement over one. Finally went with Heresy III. I liked it so much, I just got another pair of Heresy III’s to act as surround speakers.
  8. never mind. Too far to Los Angeles. Very generous offer!
  9. @dtel Great! Now I want Fortes as Atmos speakers. Haha! That literally won’t fly at my house though.
  10. I did consider this! That would be best front sound stage. Unfortunately no way to fit Forte III as center in current console. I also daydreamed about getting La Scalas and moving Fortes to surrounds. Anybody know what AL5’s going for? Doubt that will fly though with wife, though! : )
  11. Hmmm. I must be looking at all the wrong places. Where does one go to find sub 1000 dollar HIlI’s?
  12. Hello, I just wanted some opinions on options. There is a set of blacks Forte II for 750 on CL in Los Angeles that appear in very good shape. Considering this versus new Heresy III’s from Cory but don’t now what they will go for these days with recent price increase. The surrounds cannot be ideally placed due to room, a little more to the rear than I would like. Current set up is LCR of Forte III-Heresy III-Forte III with RP160’s as surrounds, and pair of C5800’s as top rear Atmos. Thanks for opinions!
  13. I put my vote in. My Frankensystem consists of Forte-Heresy-Forte in front. Less than ideally placed RP160’s as surrounds, C5800’s in ceiling for rear Atmos, SVS 13 sub. Driven by Denon receiver with two channel Parasound amp for left and right. Trying to figure out how to place two more C5800 in front ceiling position without causing to much damage. Haha!
  14. Using them as surrounds past few weeks. Big improvement from R1650’s in the wall. I guess it’s not suppose to match with my front sound stage (Forte-Heresy-Forte) but sounds really good to me. Nice full sound.
  15. Exactly what I’m looking for! If only Chicago is closer to LA.
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