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    Klipsch r115sw new or SVS PB2000 new or used pb13 ultra

    Congrats! I have only one SB13 ultra and have been wowing for the past 3 years! That PB13 is a monster!
  2. WorkingEdge

    Denon x3500 or x4500 for HT with RF7iii and RC64iii

    I looked up T10 and that sure looks fancier than S6, but I paid less for both units than the price of one. I don’t need or care for all the read outs and S6 has four fan speeds with enough options for me. 160 CFM versus S6’s 100CFM but I have only used lowest of four settings thus far, priority with keeping noise to an absolute minimum. With efficient Klipsch speakers, how much actual wattage was I going to be using anyways. Can’t imagine a max of just over 1.5 cubic feet of air per second being pulled through my Denon or A23 would be insufficient when they were designed to be run without fans. Do note that it’s footprint is smaller than typical components and does not cover the entire top area of the receiver or amp which was aesthetically ok with me for how I have everything set up.
  3. WorkingEdge

    Denon x3500 or x4500 for HT with RF7iii and RC64iii

    I recently jammed a Heresy III into my TV console as center channel, leaving just over 1.5 inches of clearance on top of my Denon x4300 which drives the center and 4 surround channels. Tried without fans. It got pretty hot. Even hotter was a Parasound A23 amp sitting in a difference part of the console. Both open in the back so I needed something to vent that way. Bought Infinity S6 for Denon and worked so good, got another for the A23! Auto on/off option. Lowest setting keeps everything cool (barely warm to the touch). Super quiet on low (can barely hear it in quiet room and that’s when I know it’s on and I’m purposely listening for it). Inexpensive on Amazon. Bought couple weeks ago so can’t say anything about durability yet but I’m very happy and no longer stressing about heat issues.
  4. WorkingEdge

    Klipsch Heritage Speaker/Brooklyn Apartment

    Congrats! I got Forte IIIs from Cory as well. Had them for a a few weeks now and they sound fantastic! Upgraded from RP260’s. The only downside is that they make all the other speakers in my house sound small and weak (with the exception of my just received Heresy III as center.)
  5. WorkingEdge

    My five year old daughter’s endorsement

    @dtel Thanks for welcome! Have been reading for past year and a half or so before joining. I’ve learned much from your posts. The price difference is several hundred I think (based on the price of two FIII’s I just bought and the quote for one HIII so only a guess). Bigger issue is I can’t fit anything larger in existing console and HIII is already pushing it. If it weren’t for the whole space, money, and wife acceptance factor...haha!
  6. So I have been thinking about Heresy III as center for my recent Forte III purchase. I was playing around with Forte III as center (used RP160M’s as left right temporarily and AB compared RP250C with Forte III. Was watching Pitch Perfect 3 with my 5 year old daughter, replaying a few scenes. I asked her which sounded better and she said “the big speaker.” I asked why. She thought about it for a couple of seconds and replied, “It just sounds live.” I was floored. Mission accomplished Mr. PWK!
  7. WorkingEdge

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    Thanks, Kman. By the sound of it, appears you’re enjoying as much as I am. I’m completely enjoying streamed music and it’s not even the lossless stuff. Now I think I’m going to get Heresy as center!
  8. WorkingEdge

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    Happy New Years everyone! So I received the Forte III’s along with a Parasound A23 with much thanks to Cory @MetropolisLakeOutfitters (One more endorsement from a newbie and first time customer for what it’s worth.) These beauties sound soooo good that I’m listening to genres I don’t normally listen to into the wee hours. It’s opened my eyes (or rather ears) to a so much bigger world of music! I’m not left wanting of anything in terms of performance. I’m not a 2 channel purist so my .1 in the form of SVS SB13 ultra helps the low end in a subtle but noticeable way. I love it! From a HT standpoint, I’ve been trying both my RP250C and the phantom center idea. Too early to decide which I like better but I do know my existing center can’t keep up and doesn’t really match. Interestingly, if I clear out the center column on that thing I use for a stand, it’ll fit a Heresy III nicely! Food for thought although I won’t be able to place components except on top since sides are too narrow by an inch. Oh well. Also, during my “internet researching” the amount I learned here has been very enlightening. Thanks everyone for sharing! Steven
  9. WorkingEdge

    Forte iii in SE Ebony Finish

    Hello CCNJ, I received a pair in black ash recently, also bought without auditioning. Hooked up on 12/28 (Denon x4300 to Parasound A23) and I can’t stop listening! Doesn’t even matter what I’m listening to! Sleep no longer seems very important : ) Hope you get to enjoy them soon!
  10. WorkingEdge

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    You guys are enablers. If I didn’t come on this forum I would not have known about Parasound A23 amp which I “had” to get. BTW, what are those giant speakers everyone has sitting in the corners? : )
  11. WorkingEdge

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    Well I'm glad I’m not the only one! The only good thing about it is that it delays expenditure...until all willpower fails.
  12. WorkingEdge

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    Thanks, Bill. I’m very excited!
  13. WorkingEdge

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    So after changing my mind about 20 times, I finally went with Forte III. If I went with RF7III, I’d want matching center, then better in wall and ceiling speakers to match, then a more powerful multichannel amp, and lastly my 55 inch 1080P 10 year old TV will have to go. Not prepared for all that. Haha! A pleasant conversation with Cory on a Sunday, and I have a pair of Black Ash Forte’s coming along with a Parasound A23. Thanks to all who replied! Back to reading and learning.
  14. WorkingEdge

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    Thanks everyone. I certainly feel more informed and much to consider. Too bad I can’t get both!
  15. WorkingEdge

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    Thanks everyone for additional input! The use of a sub was why I started thread, thinking that may be a factor. If I could use my RP260’s as surrounds that would be great but doors and windows won’t allow ideal placement. They would end up in rear surround position at best. The only other RP series speaker is RP250c which I guess would be TOTALLY outclassed by RF7III. Since RC64III is still unlikely, I was thinking about trying the phantom center idea? My current surrounds are Klipsch R1650’s and C1650’s (needed inexpensive speakers to fill holes once upon a time) and not sure how well those will integrate with RF7 or Forte.