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  1. Hi all, I'm thinking of doing the tweeter capacitors upgrade on the newer RP 600m model. Have anyone tried this?
  2. https://www.stereophile.com/content/klipsch-reference-premiere-rp-600m-loudspeaker
  3. These are Herb Reichert last words: I strongly recommends to everyone to buy the magazine (8$) and read the whole report.
  4. So what your point on quoting only negative aspects?
  5. The magazine is available now. Guess what ... Herb Reichert highly recommends these speakers :)
  6. Seems like stereophile is going to review the Klipsch RP600m in their next issue https://www.stereophile.com/content/usas-favourite-hi-fi-publication-announces-expansion-its-editorial-team
  7. Does any have impedance curve for RP160 or 600M ?
  8. I use b&w stav 24. They are awesome for the money (150$)
  9. Helllo guys, I'm considering Taga HTA-700B hybrid amplifier for my 600s. My local dealer offers it for ~500$. I've read many good reviews on the net but is anyone familiar with this brand?
  10. I bought mine RP600s week ago, although they are not full broke they already sound awesome. Incredible clarity and details especially with vocals. They sound twice bigger then they are and have huge sound stage. Bright or Harsh .. not in a moment, very good balanced highs. Seems like Klipsch made a winner speaker at this price range. I'm feeding them with Marantz pm7003 and NA 8005 - plenty of power
  11. Thank you very much, i will not make a hasty decision. I'm really pleased with the current setup also
  12. Thanks for you replay Maynard! 1) I don't listen at very loud levels as i live in an apartment . I listen mostly to Rock, Blues, Fusion and Contemporary Jazz. 2) The size of the room is roughly 35-40 square meters. My sweet place is in front of the speakers forming almost equilateral triangle with 2.75m side. 3) The room contains a lot of furniture but many smooth surfaces are also there. Here are some photos of my apartment link. The speakers on the images are Infinity's which are now replaced by the Klipsch's. 4) I prefer warmer and smooth sound but not too much laid back. I know that Klipsch speakers are known to be opposite (bright and forward) but decided to give them a try as no other speaker can provide such a details, vocals and cymbals. 5 )I'm located in South-East Europe and i don't have the opportunity to listen and return back As i said, I really enjoy the current setup but i miss a bit of boost in the lower frequencies. Thanks
  13. Hello guys, I just got a pair of Klipsch RP-600M bookshelfs today. Paired them with Marantz PM 7003/NA8005 i must say i'm impressed with the sound. However I've never owned a tube amp and would like to know how will they sound on a entry level budget friendly full valve or hybrid amp. Do you have any suggestions for a tube amp under 600$
  14. You are right, i didn't realize the price was per speaker Thanks
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