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  1. Jaco Pastorius-live in montreal jazz fest 1982 - YouTube
  2. Nice- that's a keeper
  3. Portishead Glory Box Live - YouTube
  4. Steve Winwood // Blind Faith - "Can't Find My Way Home" - YouTube
  5. What's Louder? Ferrari F12 TDF or Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90!? What's Louder? Ferrari F12 TDF or Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90!? - YouTube
  6. Years ago I used infrared thermometer when I thought output transformers were running hot. If tubes are biased correctly and not "red plating" I've never thought about it. Possibly operating temp on tube data sheet. Bob Carver sells (current production) "cool running" tube amps which I find intriguing (video of him discussing these amps online). https://www.bobcarvercorp.com In fact, they are the coolest running tube type amplifiers in history, allowing you to actually touch the tops of the mighty KT120's and never be burned! While we caution against grabbing the sides of the output tubes (they must be hot to function), the internal temperature of our amplifiers is a bit warmer than the inside of your mouth, resulting in an indeterminate lifespan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vacuum Tube Plate Temperature vs Performance In Audio Power Output Tubes.wmv - YouTube ElPaso Tube Amps In working on vacuum tube amplifiers, just for fun, I started measuring the temperature of the output tubes with an IR (infra red) thermometer with a laser pointer. Much to my surprise, I think it has real value. I have measured a number of tubes and there seems to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Home of The Bias King™
  7. Internet search listed the following: HH Scott 299 LK72 LT110 342B 350B Oiled Walnut cabinet 1960s (hifitown.com) Try ebay, craislist, amp repair shops (call or email), reverb, internet search................................
  8. Coastal Goodwills have treated me/friends well with Hawaiian shirt finds and at under $10 a pop. Silk Tommy Bahamas (matching fronts and pockets) and brands I've never heard of in rayon which are comfortable.
  9. Most likey due to numerous reasons. One man's opinion: Francis Yared, the credit strategist looks at one of the lesser discussed drivers of inflation and points out that supply shocks to oil prices have historically been relevant for inflation expectations. As Yared writes, "supply shock to oil prices have had a significant impact on inflation expectations on three occasions over the past half century: in the mid 70s, the mid 80s and the mid 10s." However, unlike the infamous price explosions of the 70s and 80s, in the latest episode the "shale oil revolution" resulted in a significant positive supply shock to oil markets which led OPEC in 2014 to defend its market share rather than oil prices. The downward pressure on oil prices, Yared writes, resulted in a shift to a lower inflation regime, which was reflected in both consumer and market inflation expectations (University of Michigan 5-10y and 5y5y breakevens) as well as monetary policy expectations and the term premium. Well not anymore, because ESG is unwinding the shale oil revolution. As recent events at Exxon and Shell have shown, the pressure on oil companies to reduce oil and gas exploration and adapt their business models has increased significantly over the past few months. This is reflected in crude rig counts that have lagged the recovery in oil prices and stand at 1/3rd of the 2014 peak. Similarly, carbon emission future prices in Europe have risen considerably: as the WSJ reported recently, the price of carbon credits traded in Europe has jumped 135% over the past 12 months and recently hit a series of records as economic activity rebounded from pandemic lockdowns. Only lumber, driven higher by the housing boom, has proved a better commodities investment. Another opinion: Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID) - YouTube
  10. ",,,,got some klipsch Forte ii in very good condition.They sound lovely but Its my first horn speaker so i have some questions. How different is from iii and iv models?" Forte II- different horns/drivers and possibly different crossovers (slopes). Pull up spec sheet on Klipsch site for III & IV's to confirm. I had Forte I and still have Forte II's. In my opion, Forte I & II's are very, very good performers.
  11. if interested from Jun 5, 2021 : Klipsch Jubilee History - The big one. - YouTube "The last Klipsch History lesson...at least for now. The biggest, the baddest, the meanest. The Jubilee. Brought to you by Paducah Home Theater's very own Cory Harrison. Cory has compiled years of knowledge and insight over the years from speaking to Roy, from selling the units, and from studying non-stop. After several revisions, and several attempts at making this video with corrections and alterations to notes and details, we are finally ready to drop the ultimate history lesson for the Jubilees. From Cory: "The ultimate Jubilee history video. I apologize in advance for the length, I started talking and next thing you know it's an hour later. Minimal notes, minimal cuts. At least 25 maybe 30 major changes and milestones. Feedback and coaching directly from Roy."
  12. At shipping store I've had speakers double boxed. Second larger box is lined and ends sprayed with expanding foam. It creates form fitting foam around inner box ends and corners. You could DIY if desired.
  13. Watched a few of his interviews in the past: 36-year NSA veteran, William Binney / ThinThread- data-monitoring program he helped develop
  14. Sensational headline, but............2020 Corporations are buying houses — robbing families of American Dream (nypost.com)
  15. Had this discussion summer 2 years ago. Investors Are Buying More of the U.S. Housing Market Than Ever Before - WSJ 2019
  16. "Compared to the small amount of money spent on recommended supplies for a pandemic, billions of dollars had been spent by the Strategic National Stockpile to create and store a vaccine for anthrax, and enough smallpox inoculations for the entire country.[81]" Pandemic predictions and preparations prior to the COVID-19 pandemic - Wikipedia
  17. “The 2017 guidelines note that a vaccine for the 2009 H1N1pdm09 swine flu virus took eight months before it was available for distribution at the end of 2009.[43] A vaccine for the 2003 SARS virus took 13 years to develop, and was ready for human trials in 2016, which have not yet happened.[49][50] A vaccine for the 2009 MERS virus took ten years to develop, and began human trials in 2019.[51] Nevertheless, the guidelines said only six months would be needed to develop and distribute a vaccine for the next pandemic, telling schools and day cares they might need to close that long.[43] However the guidelines told businesses to expect only up to two weeks of school closures, saying employees might need to stay home two weeks with their children “. If I recall correctly from what I read: USA has/had enough anthrax and smallpox vaccine stockpiled for every citizen as part of pandemic plan. These two were the only stockpiled vaccines listed. Articles below · Disease ecologist Peter Daszak, 55, warned that a pandemic was coming · March 16, 2020 (001554) – Fauci is asked “Given the relative safety of all but the elderly and those whose immune systems are compromised, and that they are far fewer than the rest of the population, why not quarantine only them?” and responds by stating “Stay tuned.” Doctor who warned that a pandemic was coming is now slammed for having a 'conflict of interest' | Daily Mail Online ICAN OBTAINS OVER 3,000 PAGES OF TONY FAUCI'S EMAILS | ICAN - Informed Consent Action Network (icandecide.org)
  18. Thanks: The US government updated its pandemic plan[42] and public guidelines[43] [44] in April 2017. In January 2017 it had updated its estimate of resource gaps[45] [46] and a list of issues for the US government to consider (called a playbook).[47] The plan and guidelines were public. The estimate of resources and list of issues were not public, though they were not classified and reporters have obtained them and made them public.[45][47] The military's estimate of resource gaps in January 2017 noted "Deficiencies and vulnerabilities... lack of infrastructure, and PPE... and limited laboratory confirmatory testing... Medical systems may be overwhelmed by a dramatic increase in patient numbers. Staff availability may also be limited as medical personnel become infected."[46] In the final year of the administration of George W. Bush, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (a division of the Department of Health and Human Services) "estimated that an additional 70,000 machines [ventilators] would be required in a moderate influenza pandemic."[48] The list of issues, or playbook, covered normal conditions as well as pandemic conditions. During normal conditions, there was no discussion of estimating and building up stockpiles for use in emergencies.[47] In the United States; the Strategic National Stockpile's stock of masks used against the 2009 flu pandemic was not replenished by the Obama administration or by the Trump administration.[2]
  19. Maybe prediction should be immediately followed by contingency plan? Maybe there was one. I don’t know. I’m not an intellectual or erudite.
  20. Thanks- Been away for long time. My first stint was in mid 90"s upon aquiring first pair of Klipsch speakers, got hooked. Came back when I heard about new Jubilees and then only found out there were Cornwall IV's !
  21. Mexico City says ivermectin reduced hospitalizations between 52 and 76% - Archyde Above requires verification and a "deep dive" as numbers can be skewed. Is New England Med Journal biased? Any recent retractions? Is American Scientific owned by "Americans"? Ivermectin: Controversial COVID-19 Drug Used in Mexico City (mexicobusiness.news) More questions than answers.
  22. Subway

    What Is Wrong

    Sad but true- been happening for some time. Just a few examples of MANY: Asian woman, 55, knocked out in unprovoked attack in NYC's Chinatown, police say (yahoo.com) WATCH: Chaos Breaks Out at Six Flags St. Louis Over Stolen Turkey Legs - At Least One Arrested (thegatewaypundit.com) Multiple Violent Brawls Break Out at Erie, PA Amusement Park (VIDEO) (thegatewaypundit.com) Video: Asian woman assaulted outside Flushing bakery - ABC7 New York (abc7ny.com) Video shows wild beatdown at Little Caesars in Georgia (nypost.com)
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