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  1. What to say? To me and my friend it sounds significantly better than Crown d45/75 and a bit better than the MC2. More spacious, soundstage depth, width. Better instrument timbre and much better separation of details. More nuanced. I wish it was not $500 because I'd be a lot happier if it was $150, like the Crowns! But that's what it is. For the $150 the Crowns are decent though, better than nothin'.
  2. Chris thanks for sharing the EQ settings. I will be testing this setup in a few days.
  3. Having used Crown d45 and d75 I can confidently say that Bryston 2B LP beats them hands down in SQ. I can vouch for 2B. For $500 you can get one. also beats the mc2 t1500 just slightly.
  4. The DCR readings: D-20G, 10.4 ohm D-20i, 6.9 ohm
  5. The installed diapragms says "D20i" the spare set "D20g" what's the difference?
  6. I think I need help identifying if I should keep the diaphrams installed with the larger VC or replace with the spare set that has the shorter VC.
  7. Marvel, K43 woofers in the LS cabinets. Yes, there is a left mid/high section for left stack as well! Actually, I took them apart: My K55v drivers came with a pair of spare diaphragms. What I discovered is the dipahrams inside my K55v are different from the spare set. The voice coils are much different. See photos. Can you help identify? What's what here? Are the higher power diphragms installed and the original set is spare?
  8. Seven feet high may be OK but on the tall side. Definately, grills will be installed. My concern is the 400hz xover and the matching of double versus single midbass to the mid/high section.
  9. It’s slowly coming together now that i have the Jbl cinema subs. There are two possible versions: As you see, Which stack would you pick and why?
  10. So these piezo tweeters sound good? I've never used one so some feedback on the SQ would be appreciated. Also, keeping the single K55v is enough?
  11. I figured. However! If someone cares to contribute any bits and pieces of the puzzle, I will gather the facts as they come in. Any advice or info will be greatly appreciated
  12. Hi Chewdude, Can you ship these to Chicago?
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