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  1. Here's that thread: But looking at the response, it's not flat to 80hz. Looks more like a 130hz horn to me -- can't use that. Also, I have read somewhere that Tractrix is not optimal for midbass horn loading. In fact Bruce Edger pronounced it and I think I'll go along with that. Need hyperbolic or hyperbolic/exponential. So far the Q.Pie is my 1st choice. Like, ClaudeJ1 pointed out, I would also like to cross the subs below 80hz. But I would like to know what type of expansion Q.Pie uses. Also is the Q.Pie 1/4space or 1/2space horn?
  2. I really like the elegant solution that is built into the Q.Pie design. I just want to backtrack a little and incorporate my list of needs into the Q.Pie and see what happens. My list is not really my list but a collection of knowledge that I gathered on the midbass horn and how it relates to other channels. 1.Should be a hypex (hyperbolic???) profile according to Dr. B.Edgar 2.have a single gradual fold (at most) to integrate with mid at 500-600hz 3.play flat down to 80hz at the least, to integrate with subs. 4. have a coverage pattern at the midrange crossover that is complementary and matching the midrange horn at the crossover. How's my list so far?
  3. ClaudeJ1, that Q.Pie looks pretty intriguing to me so I am starting to seriously consider it or a variation of. Questions: What is the horn flare rate/type? Is such a fast opening profile necessary or just for ease of building? I ask because I don't have my mid horns in the corners so the Q.Pies would be pulled out into the room, right underneath the mids, where the FH1 is now (potentially, just visualizing at this point). What driver/horn/crossover type did you use above the Q.Pie? thanks!
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I am going to look for a pair of these for now. Seems like a good first option to try, without building anything. I'll post in the classifieds. If anyone knows anyone selling these, please send them my way!
  5. I have been using Peavey FH1. Is there a design in-between the FH1 (LaScala) and full blown MWM? The MWM is just too big for my space but I can definitely go larger than the FH1 to hopefully get 70-80hz horn
  6. >>The 1504-4s are crude and tough Meaning, the fidelity is suffering? I'm using my FH1s from 70-250hz. I added a bit of felt damping sheets to the doghouse -- it had no damping at all. Is the JBL 2226H a significant improvement over the Peavey driver in terms of fidelity in home use? Seriously considering to try other woofers but not for the sake of trying. The other woofers mentioned here -- what improvement do they bring over the stock 1504 driver?
  7. While on the topic of FH-1s, which I recently acquired, how does the original Peavey BW 1504 compare to the above mentioned drivers? My FH1s came with the original 1504 driver but I sure would like to know if it's worth replacing it, for better performance! The 1504 looks like a well made 15" Herman
  8. James, have you auditioned one or going off of the internet resources?
  9. No I don't. Or maybe I do. Either way those are a little bit insane! What model is that?
  10. Thanks Claude, the Quarter Pie horn looks interesting. Also, the "Juliebee" by "ajsons" looks like a candidate. Anyone know what happened with that project and if anyone actually built one?
  11. Wonder if ajsons finished his Julibees that looked so interesting... Or kept his University Classics horns?
  12. Are there performance differences between University Classic and Dean? Has anyone compared these to LaScalas or other folded horns discussed here?
  13. ClaudeJ1, are there recommended driver replacements if the used FH-1 boxes are beat (to make the most out of FH-1, fidelity)?
  14. I want to know everything I can, short of buying all of these and comparing them side-by-side. On a more serious note though, I do have a few specific questions: For the jubilees, what part of the design/folding accounts for the significant peaks between 70 and 300 Hz? If anyone has experience with “university dean”, how does it compare sound wise and in bandwidth to the other folded horns mentioned in this thread? And, finally, but a fair question to ask: Other than a straight full exponential horn what would be your horn of choice to use below a multi cell? For reasonable purposes we can set the bandwidth 70 to 400 Hz, Since I have some good subs. thanks. herman
  15. Regarding the Jubilee: what causes the significant peaks in the frequency responce 70-300. Looks severe (going off online measurement posts). Is this an issue, sonically? The California bass horn looks very competent but will the multiple sharp folds cause issues when crossing at 400hz? The "dean" looks good but has anyone heard one?
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