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  1. @willland Thanks for the response mate. Glad I asked, as I hadn't even thought about going a full/integrated amp. Any recommendations of an amp to match these speakers? Or even just better than what I'm using? Would I perhaps be better off going for separates so I can gradually increase the quality? @pbphoto Fair question, mate, sorry. I'm after better quality / detail. I guess the volume is fine but I'd also like more impact / thump in the chest too if possible.
  2. G'day there So I've had my HT system for a little while now. Based off advice from this group I went with the following: RP-8000F RP-450C RP-160m R-115SW I paired this up with a Marantz 6012. I'm hoping to get more out of my 2 channel set up. I'd say it's ... good, but I want more. Does anyone have advice on a good place to start? Music listening is mainly done through spotify direct from the amp. I initially had Tidal hifi, but couldn't find the value in it. Also, it's in a fairly large room. So my questions are: Is the amp enough? Would I benefit from a power amp / better quality stereo amp? Should I be looking at an external DAC? Or would all of this most likely be a waste of money? Thanks for any and all advice, folks. - Gav
  3. Thank you! I'm trying to buy new, which i can't do directly from Klipsch, so I'm investigating using a 3rd party. You're probably well aware, but it's so expensive to purchase this gear in Aus! RP-280f - $2050 USD RP-450c - $1169 USD on 'crazy' sale r115-sw - $1462 USD Mind you, the AUD has really dipped recently, so it hurts even more than it looks. Again, thanks very much for the responses, mates!
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know, or can anyone tell me how to find out shipping dimensions and weight for the following items? I can see actual dimensions in the literature. is there an easy way to calculate how much extra space packaging will add? I.e. an inch either side? I'm after: rp280f rp-450c r115sw Appreciative of any help available. Thanks!
  5. Wow, that's a great site! I'm in Australia but it looks like it could be worth shipping / freight forwarding etc. Would you suggest going with a similar receiver to yours? Gee this is consuming, now! Can't decide between ONKYO TX-RZ820, MARANTZ SR5012, PIONEERElite VSX-LX503 or YAMAHARX-A1060.
  6. Thanks K5SS. In terms of hours, it would get more use in HT, but I'd be most picky about the quality of sound from the music. I've attached a rough plan of the room. The picture of the TV/Speakers is an indication of where it's set up (the cabinet is at the bottom of the plan, fit in to the 2.43 metre section). The cabinet fits in this section perfectly, but I've pulled it forward quite a lot to give the speakers / ports a little room (55cm). If I was to add towers, they'd either have to go on top of the cabinet, or in front of it. How bad would it be if I put the 280s on top of the cabinet? Thanks again, Wuzzer. I'm a little annoyed that I chose an amp that doesn't have an option to add a power amp so I'd probably like to allow for this if I have to purchase another. I'm thinking It'd make more sense to buy a power amp (like monoprice monolith) and a lower end receiver. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks very much for the info Do you think the amp is enough to power the 280s? As for the rears, unfortunately I'm bound by the room / couch size. But I didn't actually know they were supposed to be on the side, so thanks, again!
  8. Hi all, First of all, I'm really not too knowledgeable about a lot of this stuff, so thanks loads for any assistance. I currently have a set of rp-160ms set up as my main front speakers (in a very average 4.1 set up). They're powered by a Yamaha HTR-6068 receiver, accompanied by R10sw and a cheap pair of welling tower speakers at the back. I purchased the Klipsch and Yamaha at the same time a couple of years ago, the wellings were what I had sitting around. Whilst there's a lot I love about the RP160m, I'm probably not getting the amazing sound I'd hoped for. It's great, but not enough. First of all, I'm not sure whether it's due to the amp or speakers, or placement. Over the weekend, I was listening to music fairly loud, and when I switched the receiver to "party mode", it sounded quite a bit better. I was surprised that adding the wellings to the mix actually made it sound better. I was considering buying some RP-280f and swapping the rp160-m to the rear speakers but wanted to ask all of you gurus if you think this is the way to go. Is my amp powerful enough for a) what I currently have and b) what I'm looking to do. I'd just been going down the power amp rabbit hole, but I think I've just worked out that I don't have pre-outs in my receiver Thanks again, all!
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