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  1. Hey Cass, Unfortunately I don't have any room for rear surround, for side however, they would be pretty close to the listening position and I heard that the RP-150/160ms might not be suitable for sides because of high vocals, so you cant tell the difference between front and side. I might be wrong that's why I cant pull the trigger on them yet 😐
  2. Hi, I have a pretty small bedroom with a projector and a 2 channel setup and I found a sweet deal on a set of RP-150Ms $350 CAD or RP-160Ms for $450 CAD, and I was wondering if they are good for side surround considering how small my room is. Heres a link to my Room Setup Currently I just have a set of RP-150M as front speakers and my receiver is DENON X1500H ( I know my receiver is overkill but I got it on sale and I had plans to upgrade my setup later ) I enjoy these speakers a lot and I thought about getting a subwoofer for my next upgrade but honestly the speakers provide enough base in my room. I thought about getting another set of RP-150Ms and have em setup for side surround but I don't know if its a good idea because while I have a little bit more space on the left side of my bed, I have like a feet on the right. What do you guys think? would I benefit from another set of RP-150Ms or maybe I should forget about side surround for now and consider a subwoofer or a center channel? Any suggestion is much appreciated. Thank you, Hossein
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies. For the receivers, I have found these two: https://gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca/product/denon-avr-x1400h-b-stock/ and : https://gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca/product/marantz-nr1608-b-stock/ They both offer same features but the Marantz has a Stereo RMS Power (watts) of 50 vs the 80 on the Denon. Out of the two I like the Marantz more because of how sleek it looks, it would go well with my setup. However I am concerned about the power on the Marantz. I may be overlooking this but while I know Klipsch speakers are some of the most efficient out there, am I going to run into issues powering a floorstanding speaker with Marantz laters on if I decided to add more to the setup? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
  4. Great, that settles it then. any recommendation for the receiver? Onkyo? Denon? any particular feature I should look for? thanks
  5. honestly, at first I thought I would just spend $700-800 for the whole thing so the idea of buying two bookshelf speakers and a sub sounds great and the beauty of that is that I could always buy and add more speakers to the system once I have the money for it. Do you think the R-10SW 10" 300w is too small? I would also like to keep everything Klipsch! also could I live without a center for now? For the receiver, I was thinking $300? I see a lot of refurbished products with great discounts so I figured I have a chance of getting something decent? what do you think of refurbished? Thanks!
  6. Hi Cepto, Yeah I am planning to buy a AV receiver since I'm connecting a bunch of other things to the projector I figured it would also act as a HDMI switcher. Personally I'm not a huge fan of sound bars, I would much rather go with a 3.1 setup. Now for the 3.1 setup, would you just recommend a pair of bookshelf speakers like the Reference R14Ms or tower speakers? In terms of budget, honestly the cheaper the better 😂 but like I said I might even consider the 5.1 system.I would definitely consider buying used as long as its works flawlessly.
  7. Hi, So recently I purchased a projector for my room to mainly game on but because I have been enjoying it a lot for movies as well, I thought I should upgrade my "sound system" ( bose companion computer speakers or my headphones ). Looking around for a while I now know that Klipsch is one of the best sounds systems that you could get, however I have a very small room and my concern is pissing off the neighbors since I can hear them snore at night 😂, I'm not saying that I will be using them past 7-8pm but I wouldn't wanna make enemies. My room size is 14 feet long by 9 feet wide and my screen is setup on the far right wall that is about 7 feet long in front of my bed, so you could say that the watching area is 7x9'. So considering the room size and how thin the walls are, would you recommend a 3.1 setup or the Klipsch Reference Theater Pack 5.1 would be too much? although I gotta say that the 5.1 system is a little too expensive for me but I am willing to consider it if the setup is right for me. I am not a audiophile so please excuse me for the lack of knowledge 😁 Any suggestions is appreciated. Thank you, Hossein
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