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  1. My speakers are 11 ft apart, since I have these in a large home theater setup in my basement with the projector screen between them. Do not have a third forte but if did have one I would have to place it horizontally to fit my setup which I believe is not an option Please the picture. I sit about 12ft from these speakers The RC 64III is still hovering around $1500. I may eye for the RC 64II during this blackfriday season, since this may drop in price. Is the RP 440C or 450C not a good option ?
  2. All Need some some recommendations on the center channel. I am no audiophile but have been listening and enjoy listening to Klipsch speakers for years, with a mix of music and movies. Recently I upgraded my RB series Front left and right speakers in a 5.1.2 atmos setup to Forte III speakers while center is still an old RC 52II. The rest the 5.1.2 setup is as follows... I have an R-12SW as a sub and four ceiling mounted CDT-5650CII in wall speakers for the four rear and surround speakers. They are all hooked up to do a Denon x3400h receiver. I would like to get some advice on upgrading the center channel from the current RC 52II but woudl also want to pair it well with my Forte III's and rest of the setup I was thinking RP 440C or 450C ? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks Svaraj
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